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Institutional Effectiveness Committee Roster

Academic Program Review Sub-Committee:

Term Expires - 2018 Term Expires - 2019 Term Expires - 2020
Karrigan Bork, LAW
Fred Fendler, DEN
Anthony Dutoi, COP *
  Jianhua Ren, Academic Affairs for Undergraduate Studies Committee Robert Halliwell, PHS

 *denotes Chair

Cyd Jenefsky, Vice Provost for Strategy and Educational Effectiveness
Rhonda Bryant, Student Life Representative
Grant Kirkpatrick, ASuop President (term expires 2018)


Administrative Program Review Sub-Committee:

AVP Planning, Provost Division Linda Buckley *
Business & Finance Ron Ellison
Development Cathy Wooton
Student Life Sandy Mahoney
Technology James August
Athletics Wes Yourth
San Francisco Campus Sean Metter
Sacramento Campus Elisa Levy
Faculty Martin Camps

 *denotes Chair

Full Committee Leadership:

Chair Anthony Dutoi
Vice-Chair Linda Buckley