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Institutional Priorities Committee Roster

Term Expires - 2016 Term Expires - 2017 Term Expires - 2018
Lydia Fox, COP Kieran Holland, COP Craig Vierra, COP
Courtney Lehmann, COP (Past-Chair, Academic Council) . Richard Fredekind, DEN


Rena Fraden, Dean, College of the Pacific Jay Mootz, Dean, McGeorge School of Law


Administrative Representatives  
Torry Brouillard, Executive Director, Housing and Greek Life Cathy Wooton, Associate Vice-President, Development
Staff Representative
Sara Kleinert, Business Manager, COP - Office of the Dean


Student Representatives  
Serena Welch, Undergraduate Student Michael Eberhard, Graduate Student
Pamela Eibeck, President (ex-officio) Maria Pallavicini, Provost
Ken Mullen, VP of Business & Finance (Vice-Chair) Patrick Day, VP of Student Life
Burnie Atterbury, VP for Development Mary Lou Lackey, VP and Secretary to the Board of Regents
Ted Leland, Director of Athletics, External Relations  


Staff to the Committee  
Linda Buckley, Associate Vice-President, Planning & Research Marcus Perrot, Asst. VP Budget and Risk Management
J. MIchael Thompson, Vice Provost, Enrollment Management Jonallie Parra, University Budget Director, Budget and Risk Management