Student Media Board Roster

Term Expires - 2017 Term Expires - 2018 Term Expires - 2019
Lucinda Kasser, COP  Paul Turpin, COP Monika Meler, COP


ASUOP Representatives ..
Marselus Cayton TBD
Ehret Fieldhouse


Student Life Representative Business & Finance Representative
Torry Brouillard TBD
University Advancement Representative  
Mike Millerick  


Community Representative
Bob Highfill, Sports Editor, Stockton Record


Non-Voting Members ...
Marge Grey, Chair, Student Media Board (Tie-breaker vote) Jamieson Cox, General Manager, The Pacifican
Ruben Dominguez, Editor, The Pacifican Ivy Phelps, Director, KPAC radio/PAC2TV
Dave Frederickson, Advisor, The Pacifican Alan Ray, Advisor, KPAC radio/PAC2TV
Karen Bravo, Budget Manager, ASuop