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Sustainability Committee Roster

Faculty Representatives Term Expires
Lydia Fox, COP May 2018
Ryan Moffet, COP  May 2017
Quinliang Zhao, COP May 2018


ASUOP Representatives Term Expires
Shane Nuuhiwa (term expires 2016) May 2016
Brandon Chan (term expires 2016) May 2016


Division Representatives Term Expires
Jared Gaynor, Office of the Provost May 2018
Jimilynn Dorough, Development May 2017
Graeme Mitchell, Assistant Vice President for Facilities, Business and Finance May 2018
Lawrence Ballard, Technology May 2018
Lynn King, Assistant Vice President, Student Life  
N/A, External Relations  


McGeorge School of Law Representative Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry Representative
Rebekah Grodsky Eve Cuny


Ex-Officio, Voting Member
Shanna Eller, Sustainability Director


TBD, Sustainability Coordinator