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University Compensation Committee Roster

TBD, Faculty Member from FCC Cindy Ostberg, COP, Faculty selected by AC (Term Expires-2017)
John Sprankling, Staff/Faculty (selected by Dean at Law) Ed Pegueros, Staff/Faculty (selected by Dean at Dental)
Stacey Lucchesi, Staff from Stockton (Term expires-2016) Barb Shaw, Dean (selected by Provost)
Ronda Marr, Staff from Stockton (Term expires-2016)        


Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members
Jane Lewis, Assistant VP of Human Resources Jonallie Parra, Director of Budget
Beth McManis, Medical Director of Cowell Wellness Center Elisa Levy, Director of Human Resources, LAW
Kara Bell, Director of Human Resources, DEN
Kenneth Beauchamp, Emeriti/Retiree Bob Murta, McGeorge School of Law
Margaret Caldwell, Budget & Risk Management Debbie Beitz, Stockton Human Resources
Karen Mendoza, Stockton Human Resources