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October 8, 2013

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of October 8, 2013
3:00pm - 5:00pm

DeRosa Center Room 211

 Atterbury, Cavanaugh, Cayton, Day, Eibeck, Fox, Kleinert, Lackey, Luu, Lyon, Meyer (Chair), Murta, Pallavicini, Perrot, Rogers, Shaw, Staniec

Absent:  Arnold, Gale, Leland, Martin


Call to Order: 3:00pm 

Minutes for the September 24, 2013 meeting were approved.  

Tuition remission policy Cavanaugh presented information on the University's tuition remission policy. Tuition remission provides benefits to enable an employee, spouse/domestic partner, or eligible children of an employee to attend Pacific with reduced tuition. This benefit has been helpful in competing with public institutions for faculty and staff. Since FY09, there has been an increase in participation in the program overall. Due to the cost and the increasing number of participants, the growth of this program is more than the capacity of the University's budget to maintain.  

President Eibeck will charge a committee to further discuss the issue of tuition remission and to explore ways to reduce the rate of growth with minimal impact on current employees' benefits. A committee comprised of the following IPC members was charged with further examining the tuition remission policy: Meyer, Cayton, Shaw, and Fox (Jeffrey Michael and a representative from McGeorge and Dugoni will also be asked to join the committee).  

A decision on the policy will be made by the end of the academic year.  

Retirement incentives

Cavanaugh presented confidential information regarding retirement incentives. A memo detailing retirement incentives will be sent to all faculty.  

President Eibeck shared that last spring the Academic Council agreed to establish an ombudsperson position. Cabinet decided that the .5 FTE position with salary and benefits will be funded with base money starting July 1, 2015. One-time funds will be used if a hire is made prior to that date; the cost of salary/benefits will show up as an additional obligatory expense.   

Adjourned: 4:06pm