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October 23, 2012

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of October 23, 2012
3:00pm - 5:00pm DeRosa Center Room 211

Present:  Atterbury, Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Ciccolella, Eibeck, Gale, Goff, Griego, Hensley, Kleinert, Lackey, Lyon, Luu, Meyer, Murta, Pallavicini, Perrot, Shaw, Staniec, Wright

Absent: Leland, Martin

Guests:  Mike Rogers, Director of Institutional Research

Call to Order: 3:01pm 

Minutes: Minutes for the October 9, 2012 meeting were approved.

Peer Benchmarking
Rogers and Luu reviewed Pacific's Peer System and presented selected variables from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Selected variables included information about headcount enrollment, student success, and financial data such as tuition and fees, expenditures, and revenues.

Pacific's data was compared with two other types of institutional peers: Standard and Aspirant. There are a total of 30 peers (15 Standard, and 15 Aspirant). Rogers reviewed the data, which was presented in the form of graphs and charts. Committee discussion on the selected variables identified issues for follow-up discussion.

Provost Pallavicini suggested that Dave Hemenway, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, come and speak to the IPC about the kind of data he has been collecting for the schools' annual program reviews. Hemenway's data may be able to help answer some of the committee's follow-up questions, such as instruction finance totals by school. 

Adjourned: 4:58pm