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November 16, 2010

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of November 16, 2010
2:00pm - 4:00pm
DUC 211 A & B

Present: President Eibeck, Francois Rose, Mary Lou Lackey, Chris Johnston, Peg Ciccolella, Matthew Downs, Patrick Cavanaugh, Nejat Duzgunes, Marcus Perrot, Patrick Ferrillo, Jin Gong, Alex Schulte, Elizabeth Griego, Tom Krise, Ted Leland, Dan Shipp, Gene Pearson, Robert Brodnick

Absent: Kelli Page, Cathy Peterson

Guests: Christopher Goff

Call to Order: 2:00pm

Minutes: Minutes for November 2, 2010 were approved

Analysis of Unit Operating Budgets: Eibeck mentioned that the committee should consider recommendations for the allocation of FY12 funds; today, the operations supplement will be considered. She requested that if the committee decides to enhance operating budgets, that some of it may be a block grant. She discussed that some universities regularly increase operating budgets in response to increasing costs. At Pacific, our practice has been to only fund new initiatives that sometimes result in operating budget increases.

The committee reviewed the Non-Salary Base Operating Budgets document for FY07-FY11 for the Stockton campus, the Possible Allocation of Operating Budget "Block Grant" document, as well as the Unrestricted Funds Budget document. The percentage increase to operations with a $500,000 block grant would be 1.9%. Eibeck suggested that the committee identify a tentative amount for increasing operating budgets, such as a 2%-4% increase. This may be revisited after hearing the divisions' requests for increases in funding related to priorities. 

The committee discussed the principle of the block grant. Rose mentioned that his impression is that the committee is supportive of the block grant with some guidelines. He asked the committee to email their recommendations of what the guidelines should be for the block grant by the end of the day on Thursday and have a small group meet on Friday to go over those recommendations.

Pearson mentioned that when he thinks of operations, he thinks of the department level operations, such as cost for paper and office supplies. He supports the block grant, but only if it gets down to the department level. Cavanaugh said that the block grant could be two-tiered, where a section of it is mandated to reach the department level.

The committee then discussed the amount portion of the operations supplement. Lackey suggested that the amount be at a level of more than $500,000 and recommended approximately $1 million.

Motion: to propose the operations supplement amount with a specific minimum and up to a spedific maximum.

Motion passes

Cavanaugh suggested that the committee wait to make a decision on allocation of the operations supplement until each unit does their budget presentation. This would help the committee to understand where the needs are within each unit. The committee agreed.

Reports on University Auxiliary Budgets: The committee reviewed the Athletics Historical Perspective document for FY03 to FY10, which covered revenues, expenses, and support. They also reviewed the Residential Life and Housing document, which covered income, expenses, and transfers. Pearson mentioned that it would be a financial benefit to the university to have meters in the residence halls to accurately measure utility costs.

Adjourned: 3:40pm