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November 30, 2010

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of November 30, 2010
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Library Community Room

Present: Francois Rose, Mary Lou Lackey, Chris Johnston, Peg Ciccolella, Matthew Downs, Patrick Cavanaugh, Nejat Duzgunes, Marcus Perrot, Patrick Ferrillo, Jin Gong, Alex Schulte, Elizabeth Griego, Tom Krise, Ted Leland, Dan Shipp, Kelli Page, Robert Brodnick

Absent: President Eibeck, Cathy Peterson, Gene Pearson

Guests: Christopher Goff

Call to Order: 2:02pm

Minutes: Minutes for November 16, 2010 were approved.

Announcements: Brodnick suggested that the minutes remain public to support transparency of the IPC process yet not contain any sensitive or confidential information. Rose proposed that the minutes be emailed to the committee the Tuesday before the meeting, that all comments or corrections should be made by that Thursday, and that a final review copy of the minutes be posted on Thursday with the other materials.

All Funds Budgeting: The committee reviewed the FY 2011 Unrestricted, Designated and Restricted Funds document which showed each division, summarized funds from salaries, operating, discretionary, student fees, restricted funds, and endowed scholarships. Brodnick encouraged the committee to also consider student fee expenditures in addition to the fund balance. Lackey mentioned that it would be helpful to know which of the funds are ones that are being replenished annually verses which of them are one time allocations or gifts. Cavanaugh said he and Marcus would revise and add more information to the document for clarification.

University Capital Budget Review: The committee reviewed the Major Campus Projects document that showed the activity of all three campuses over the past 13 years. The committee then reviewed the Preliminary Future Projects document that included projects from different units from all three campuses. In discussing master planning, it was clarified that the IPC does not make decisions on such plans, but it's recommendations and comments regarding that process and it's proposals are welcomed. Duzgunes stressed the importance of doing long-term planning for the University's need for space at the San Francisco campus before a new building is purchased. IPC will again review the capital budget in the future with particular focus on expenses that may occur that impact future annual budgets.

Rose reminded the committee that next week's meeting begins the budget presentations.

Adjourned: 3:21pm