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February 28, 2012

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of February 28, 2012
3:30pm - 5:00pm DeRosa Center Room 211

Present:  Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Ciccolella, Datcher, Duzgunes, Eibeck, Gale, Giraldez, Gong, Griego, Johnston, Lackey, Luu, Meyer, Murta, Page, Pallavicini, Pearson, Perrot, Shipp, Wright

Absent: Leland


Call to Order: 3:06pm

Minutes: Minutes for the February 14, 2012 meeting were approved.

Finalize Stockton campus FY13 Budget recommendations
Pearson opened the meeting by summarizing the FY13 Stockton campus revenue and expense assumptions, and FY13 Stockton campus divisional requests that had been presented at the Stockton-campus community forums. 

Feedback from the community forums was reviewed. A motion was passed to approve the revenue and expense assumptions, the tier one (Accounting and Physical Therapy faculty positions, Pharmacy rotation support, additional funding for Psychiatry hours, Veterans Enrollment Counselor and Web Search Appliance) and tier two (Latino Outreach budget support, Engineering and Chemistry faculty positions, Registered Dietician, student event support, and academic software maintenance) budget requests. Pearson will draft a document and convey these recommendations to President Eibeck. 

Brodnick shared new projections for fall enrollment based on a January 2012 analysis. Transfer enrollments are expected to increase by ten students. Currently, there is a higher projection for the number of pharmacy students as well. Gong suggested that Associate Provost for Enrollment Rob Alexander reaffirms this assessment with Dean Oppenheimer. A motion was approved to increase the Pharmacy Rotation Support request from $90,000 to the original $150,000, if the projected number of pharmacy students is realized and the fiscal impact of any Cal Grant changes is manageable. 

Impact of potential changes in FY13 Cal Grants for first-time and continuing students
It was noted that financial aid award packages for fall 2012 first-time college students will include a general statement that explains Cal Grant awards may be reduced depending on budget cuts that may be enacted by legislature.  Different scenarios and potential FY13 budgetary adjustments were discussed.  

President Eibeck stated that she will share her FY13 budget recommendation with IPC on March 13 and will hold an open meeting on March 19 to present her recommendation to the Stockton campus community. The FY13 budget will be an action item at the April meeting of the Board of Regents. 

Adjourned: 4:18pm