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March 12, 2013

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of March 12, 2013
3:00pm - 5:00pm 
DeRosa Center Room 211

Present: Atterbury, Cavanaugh, Ciccolella, Eibeck, Gale, Goff, Griego, Hensley, Kleinert, Lackey, Lyon, Luu, Martin, Meyer, Murta, Pallavicini, Perrot, Rogers, Shaw, Staniec, Wright


Lynn Beck, Rena Fraden, Ravi Jain, Nader Nadershahi, Giulio Ongaro, Phil Oppenheimer, Rich Rojo, Bett Schumacher

Call to Order:

Minutes for the February 12, 2013 meeting were approved.  

Finalizing Preliminary Recommendations 
A motion to finalize the FY 14 recommendations was approved following minor editorial changes.   

FY 15 Budget Reallocation Discussion   
President Eibeck has determined that a $15M budget reallocation is needed in order to fund strategic initiatives and address uncertainty.  IPC has been asked to provide recommendations regarding the reallocation process using "Focusing for our Future" as a guide.  The IPC will work with the academic deans to make these recommendations.  

Perrot and Cavanaugh provided a sample calculation of FY 14 base budgets as an example for the committee and the deans' review. Academic division budgets will go through the reallocation process in FY 15 and FY 16.    

Adjourned: 5:01pm