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August 24, 2010

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of August 24, 2010
2:00pm - 4:00pm
DUC 211 A & B

Members Present: President Eibeck, Francois Rose, Kelli Page, Chris Johnston, Ted Leland, Alex Schulte, Elizabeth Griego, Peg Ciccolella, Cathy Peterson, Patrick Ferrillo, Jin Gong, Gene Pearson, Matthew Downs, Mary Lou Lackey, Robert Brodnick, Tom Krise, Marcus Perrot, Patrick Cavanaugh, Kim Heberle

Members Absent: Nejat Duzgunes, Dan Shipp

Guests: None

Call to Order: 2:05pm

Minutes: Minutes for May 11, 2010 approved with noted correction.

President's Charge to IPC: The committee's ultimate goal is to link strategic planning with budgeting and to maintain a high level engagement of the University budget.

The committee reviewed the proposed IPC charge policy that will be sent to Academic Council for approval. President Eibeck mentioned that the intention of this group is to own the Strategic Plan for the university. She also proposed that IPC communicate with the Board of Regents.

The IPC membership will include the President, five faculty members, one being an academic council representative, and one a member from the Dental School or the Law School, two Deans, two Professional Staff Representatives, one SAC Representative, and two students, one being a graduate or professional student.
Francios Rose, Professor of the Conservatory of music, has agreed to serve as the Chair of the IPC.

Review Schedule for the Year: The committee reviewed schedule and agenda..

Changes made to the schedule:
Nov. 23rd meeting changed to Nov. 16th
Dec. 14th meeting changed to Dec. 7th
March 1st additional meeting added
March 8th meeting changed to March 15th

The committee decided to move the March 15th agenda item "Finalize FY12 Budget Recommendations to the President," to March 1st.

Discussion of Orientation for New Members: There will be an orientation session for new members on September 7th. Patrick Cavanaugh and Robert Brodnick were assigned to schedule the meeting around the new member's schedules. This meeting is to go over University finances and to learn the details of budgeting.

Budget Process FY12 and FY13: Future budget requests should include both FY12 and FY13. A formal FY12 budget will be presented to the Board for approval. There should be an awareness of how the decisions may affect FY13. President Eibeck stated that the current budget process considers only the current funds, the funds that come in each year and the funds that are spent each year. She also stated that the University will move toward a comprehensive look at ALL the revenue available to invest in all enterprises. On the agenda for Dec. 7th is a review of all funds inthe university's operations and how these will be included in the next year's budget process.

Budget Model Committee: President Eibeck announced the formation of a Budget Modeling Committee that will consider alternative budget models for the university. Eventually this committee will come up with a recommendation and eventually IPC will implement a new budget model. The Budget Modeling Committee will not only report out to IPC, but to the campus as well. President Eibeck expects this process to be a 3-4 year transition.
President Eibeck wanted to make it clear that this committee is dealing with important issues that affect people at the university, whether departments or students, and that the most important is to retain confidentiality.

Adjourned: 3:58pm