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September 13, 2011

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of September 13, 2011
3:00pm - 5:00pm
DUC 211 A & B

Present: Gene Pearson, President Eibeck, Maria Pallavicini, Peg Ciccolella, Bob Murta, Nejat Duzgunes, Jin Gong, Elizabeth Griego, Chris Johnston, Lewis Gale, Peter Meyer, Susan Giraldez, Dan Shipp, Ashton Datcher, Mike Wright, Robert Brodnick Marcus Perrot

Absent: Patrick Cavanaugh, Ted Leland, Mary Lou Lackey, Kelli Page

Guests: None

Call to Order: 3:05pm

Minutes: Minutes for the April 26, 2011 meeting were approved.

FY13 Division Requests: Pearson briefly mentioned that last year IPC had almost 100 requests from the Stockton campus where dollar amounts ranged from $3700-$100k or more. The hope this year is for the Vice President's to look at those small amounts and consider them to be a part of the Block Grants. The target for requests is 50k and higher, closer to 100k the better. There is a rubric that can help in the development of the proposal. Pearson reminded the committee that budget presentations will begin in October this year. This year both the Dugoni School of Dentistry and the McGeorge School of Law will be asked to provide preliminary Expense and Revenue assumptions in October.

Update on Strategic Planning and WASC Activities: President Eibeck explained the new strategic planning process, which she will outline the framework for planning in the Faculty Address on September 14. The Address will be followed by a Strategic Planning Symposium Event on Saturday, September 24th, with guest speakers Anya Kamenetz and Don Norris. In the afternoon on the 24th, the faculty and other University leaders will join working groups to explore a variety of topics relevant to Pacific's future. By the end of the semester, the working groups will submit their brief reports, which will begin the Convergent Planning Phase of the strategic planning process. The ad hoc Strategic Planning Committee, which was endorsed by the Academic Council, is charged with coordinating the planning process.

Provost Pallavicini mentioned that she is working with small groups of individuals to finalize the draft EER report for WASC. The goal is to have it out to the faculty for general comments by the end of September.

Pallavicini discussed the steps in Evidence Based Decision Making, of which the three components are Data Collection and Analysis, Interpretation/Presentation and Evaluation/Decisions. Because this is a pilot process, the Academic Council Executive Board can appoint the individuals for the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, many of which have been a part of WASC related activities.

FY11/12 Budget Updates: Perrot reviewed the FY11/12 budget slides, which described budget performance highlights from each campus as well as an unrestricted budget outlook. President Eibeck proposed that VPs and the Provost provide recommendations to IPC in March on what one-time projects to fund if there is a projected FY12 surplus. IPC will then submit written recommendations to President Eibeck.

University Capital and Auxiliary Budgets: Perrot reviewed the Capital Budget and Auxiliary Budgets slides, which showed that the trend of housing and dining has increased. The committee also reviewed the Athletics outlook document, which showed University contribution and athletic expense levels from FY07-FY12.

Adjourned: 4:56pm