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April 18 2006

University of the Pacific
Minutes, April 18, 2006
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 2:07

Present: Chi, Frederick, Gilbertson, Griego, Lackey, Pearson, Perro, Sexton, Spreer, Vierra

Not Present: Brennan, Brodnick, Byl, Cavanaugh, Ensign, King, Kreitzman, Leland, Miller, Sina

Special Guests: Elizabeth Parker, Dean McGeorge School of Law; Gene Bigler, Office of the Provost; Bob Oprandy, Education; Ines Ruiz-Huston, CIP; Amy Smith, English; Bill Swagerty, History  

Minutes: Minutes of the April 4 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Standing Reports:

Current Agenda Items:

Collaboration Vision Team Innovation Proposals: Global Security Law and Policy

Parker presented a proposal for an advanced degree in Global Security Law and Policy. This will be an advanced offering for graduate law students and also graduate students in other fields. Parker would like to begin the first run of the program in spring 2007. After validation, the program would begin fully in the 2007-08 academic year. McGeorge could partner with the Monterey Institute and the University of New Haven facility in Sacramento, as an option. Students interested will not have to have a law degree. Students with different educational backgrounds will be able to work toward a degree in this program. The budget will allow the program to sustain itself and the only staffing needs would be a program manager.

Griego felt that an analysis of the current market would be needed and helpful. Gilbertson noted that there has to be current fund money from the Law School, SIS, and COP, and an aim for 20 students in FY08. 

Collaboration Vision Team Innovation Proposals: Center for Inter-American Understanding

Bigler stated that this proposal would be an historic opportunity for Pacific to reach out to the U.S. Latino community. Oprandy, Ruiz-Huston, Smith, and Swagerty presented key issues to the proposal:

  • New structures:
    • An administrative area in SIS called the Center for Inter-American Understanding or The Center
    • A Spanish language, multicultural living and learning facility called, Casa Covell
    • An Advisory Committee of faculty and staff
  • Activities:
    • Orchestrate University-wide dialogue and collaboration with Hispanic and Latin American communities
    • Facilitate the involvement of all academic units
    • Expand the use and study of Spanish throughout the University 
  • Sustainability:
    • ECC and other Latino alums provide support, connections, and traditions
    • Spanish is our most popular language
    • SIS shares global and academic distinction and national leadership in inter-cultural training
    • Multicultural Programs, Academic Support Services, and Jacoby Center have programs
  • Staffing:
    • Director
    • Associate Director
    • Resident Director (Casa Covell)
    • Office Coordinator
    • Program Assistants
  • Revenue generated:
    • Despite Latino population growth, enrollment has been stagnant or declining at under 10%, in contrast to 38% locally
    • Propose devoting 10% of tuition revenue to special scholarships
    • Target of 150 additional students within five years
    • New structures for recruitment are emerging
  • Timeline:
    • Getting engaged (2006-07)
    • Preparing launch (2007-08)
    • Opening Casa Covell (fall 2008)

Next meeting: May 2, 2006, 2-4pm

Meeting adjourned at 5:00