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August 15 2003

University of the Pacific
Minutes, August 15, 2003
Taylor Conference Room 

Call to Order: 10:35

Present: Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Chi, Gilbertson, Hanyak, King, Miller, Perro, Olson, Spreer.

Not Present: Ensign, Hoverstad, Jacobson, Jones, Meer, Richmond, Sina

Minutes: Minutes of the July 9 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Announcements: Gilbertson rescheduled the IPC meetings from Fridays to Thursdays, 3-5pm, every other week, for fall and spring. Friday did not work for everyone.

Standing Reports:

  • Gilbertson reported that enrollment is exceeding the numbers targeted. There are 800 or more new freshman and 250 transfers projected so far.
  • The number of part time faculty teaching Mentor Seminar is too large. The deans will meet to resolve.
  • Cavanaugh reported the following:
    • FY03 budget is still net positive.
    • Facilities to include progress on the new Pharmacy building, McCaffrey Theatre, Baun Fitness, Brookside Hall and the Library additions.
    • Additional parking stickers will be released.

Current Agenda Items:


Wednesday, 8/13, the Cabinet met for a mini retreat to review the MVP's 22 planning priorities. Cabinet arrived at 6-8 of the most critical that will receive focus in the coming years. The Guidelines document will be held for further review and clarification of these planning priorities.


Brodnick and Perro presented an outline that discussed the changing role of IPC and the budget process.

Strategy: IPC has requested a redesign of the budgeting process to provide a more strategic focus. Less time should be spent on low-dollar items. IPC prioritizations will help the Cabinet with the budget requests.

Options: Two recommendations were made. One, move to a three year planning budget rather than a one year system. And two, increase the number of budget categories to three: Strategic, Discretionary, and Mandatory,

Approach: Implement the budget categories this year and begin work to implement the multi-year planning and budget process in the next cycle. Redraft document for further review.


Brodnick presented the seven potential efforts aimed at enhancing strategic planning processes. Some are already underway. IPC will need to review further other efforts. Brodnick and Olson will meet to discuss the IPC web site.

Next Meeting: August 21, 2003, 3-5pm

The Committee adjourned at 12:08