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August 29 2002

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes, August 29, 2002
11-12:30, Taylor Conference Room, Library

IPC Members Present: R. Brodnick, P. Cavanaugh, P. Gilbertson, R.Hoverstad, P. Spreer, L. King, J. Meer, G. Miller, M. Olson, P. Oppenheimer, J. Sina, L. Stark

Guest: Jean Purnell


  1. Feedback on Planning and Budgeting:
    The lowering of the payout on endowment was reviewed.
  2. Timing of Program Review:
    Usually reports are due in late spring. This may be altered due to review circumstances.
  3. Program Review of Counseling Center:
    This was reviewed and discussed. Conclusion is that with some additional funding the program is close to being ready for accreditation. A request for increasing the physician time, cost for accreditation, and training monies will come forth. It was recommended that the wellness clinic investigate third party billing.
  4. Academic Program Review Status Report:
    See attachments for materials.

Discussion Points:

  1. Need to add the changes in the University College.
  2. The documents distributed only had academic divisions--need to have like documentation for non-academic program reviews.