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August 31 2000

Institutional Priorities Committee
August 31, 2000 Minutes

Absent: Meer, Myers

The meeting of IPC was called to order at noon by Provost Gilbertson. The minutes of the prior meeting were reviewed and approved as presented. It was understood task force reports would be given a t the next meeting and the final accounting of the FY 2000 budget would be presented later in September.

The Provost reported the President had approved a January retreat to take better advantage of National Commission Reports due then. The retreat would include representatives of all three campuses of the University, representation of the Academic Council, Staff Resource Council, ASUOP and other appropriate groups.

The Provost reported that program review recommendations had been distributed to members of the IPC for later discussion. He briefly reviewed the three program review documents:

  1. He noted that the recommendation regarding the Chemistry program reflects ongoing issues with a difficult passage rate in some key chemistry classes, e.g. organic chemistry. There was concern that the language of the recommendation would be misread to imply support of grade inflation or "dumbing down" the courses. The Provost indicated that was not the intent of the recommendation.
  2. The Provost reported that the review of the Mathematics Department correctly implied that there was still a good bit of work to be done in that area.
  3. Finally, as expected the review of the Dental School was especially good in keying it’s plan and program to institutional priorities and themes. There were no budget issues in those recommendations.

The Provost then lead a "brainstorming" session for planning priorities that should be used in allocating resources for the University.

With no further issues, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:00 p.m.