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December 13 2001

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes, December 13, 2001

Attending: Benedetti, Cavanaugh, Gilbertson (Chair), King, Kramer, KruegerDevine, Lundergan, Meer, Olson, Oppenheimer, Spreer

Absent: Brock, Hewitt, Jones, Stark, Sina

Guest: Marcus Perro

  1. Minutes: The minutes of 11/29 and 12/6 were reviewed and approved with corrections.
  2. Announcements: Yes there is a meeting next week on Thursday, December 20, 12-2 PM, in the Taylor Conference Room. Larry Fredericks and Marisa Kelly will be attending to provide us with information on the ITPC priorities. January meetings are set for Thursdays at noon in the Taylor conference room.
  3. Reports: The Provost provided the committee with the Annual Compensation Recommendation from the faculty. The first priority is to provide a 1% increase in University contributions to individual retirement accounts every year for the next three years. A second priority is to increase the University contribution to individual health plans by $50.00 a month and the final recommendation was to provide a 3% salary pool for merit increases and a ¼% pool for equity. Of note, the younger faculty members were most interested in prioritizing retirement increases over salary increases. The financial impact at these levels of recommendation may be out of reach so it is worth further discussion as to how to establish a model over a relatively short time to increase benefits and salaries to a competitive level.
  4. Continuing Issues: Budget reviews: The Provost continued to review his budget requests as they specifically related to student recruitment, assessment, Academic Facilities and Library Materials, and specific unity operations. Particular discussion focused on the need for written recruitment materials, a southern California recruitment representative that could also serve some of our development needs, whether library upgrades and material improvements could be addressed through an anticipated grant, and the need for the Conservatory to increase both its staff and operations to a higher level of quality. A differential tuition model would assist the Conservatory in improving the program and addressing the special fees needed. It was then explained that the Brubeck Institute’s budget has now been rolled into the Conservatory budget with the hope that it will be self-supporting within a year or two. In addition to the scope of budget issues presented from the academic area, the Provost will provide a ranked order of those requests that require new University money.
  5. New Issues: The Course Fees Committee Report: It was discussed that the greatest impact on a change in the fee structure would be for the College of the Pacific. At this time, it was suggested that the Provost and the Dean of the College examine these specific fees to determine appropriate elimination of minor fees such as activity classes and photocopying. In reasonable areas, such as art and science labs, further exploration of differential tuition rates should be explored. Cavanaugh also stated that the Finance Committee of the Board of Regents began reviewing tuition rates for next year and began some discussion on differential tuition rates and the need to fold in fees to the tuition.
Cavanaugh presented the summary of Physical Plant’s 5-year maintenance plan that totaled $6,502,187.00. Those costs associated with the Residential facilities (approximately 1/3) would come out of the auxiliary account for the Residence Life and Housing program. The other costs would need to be absorbed by the University. Within this plan, maintenance issues that relate to safety needs totaled $512,310.00.
  1. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 2:00pm