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December 14 2000

Institutional Priorities Committee
December 14, 2000
12-2 PM, Taylor Conference Room

Attending: Kirkland, Brock, Krueger-Devine, Chambers, Meer, Gilbertson, Benedetti,

Stark, King, Lundergan

Absent: Fox, Cavanaugh, Myers, Peterson

During a review of the Minutes of the December 7, 2000 Meeting, the following points were raised:

  1. The draft revisions of the Mission, Vision, and Priorities Statement (MVP) have been distributed to the campus community. Responses should be forwarded to Debbie Crow in the Provost’s Office for compilation.
  2. The Administrative Retreat, which will focus on the revision of the MVP will be held January 16, 2001.
  3. The Academic Division has prepared a document indicating academic positions that will be requested through 2006. This summary was distributed.
  4. The Academic Division has prepared a summary of the "records of evidence" provided by each academic unit for the 1999-2000 academic year. This summary was distributed.
  5. In January, IPC meetings will follow the schedule provided below:

January 4th 12-2 PM

January 8th 1-3 PM

January 18th 12-2 PM

January 22nd 1-3 PM

January 25th 12-2 PM

Jonathan Meer presented the budget requests from University Advancement. He noted that his division is still considering alternatives to Banner software, but that no final decision regarding implementation and cost has been made. Therefore, he may submit an addendum to his requests concerning software early in 2001.

The presentation included requests for support related to an upcoming capital campaign, alumni club formation, and publications from University Relations. Discussion focused on the degree to which such items could be supported by the gift tax that has been negotiated with the Dean of the schools and the college. It continues to be unclear exactly how much the tax will raise and Jonathan argued that the items listed must be in place for a capital campaign to move forward effectively. Handouts were provided which presented the requests in detail.

Lynn Kubeck joined the committee to present a revised budget request for OISR. She noted changes from her earlier summary. The items discussed included costs for internet connections, for upgrading the network to meet Cisco/Sun requirements, for securing

wiring closets, for connecting additional residences, and for phase one of the Sun Ray project. It was noted that these items had already been promised to a variety of constituents and that they had the expectation that IPC would also signal its support. In addition, Lynn argued for a $651,000 increase in the budget for OISR, primarily to fund five new positions and to correct current salary inequities.

Lynn also included requests related to academic computing, to upgrades for administrative computing, and to various management issues. These items were given a lower priority in comparison to the internet, wiring, and Sun Ray issues raised at the beginning of her presentation. She provided detailed support documents to clarify her current position.

The meeting adjourned at 2 PM.