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December 6 2001

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of meeting on December 6, 2001

Present: Gilbertson, Spreer, Stark, Hewitt, Olsen, Cavanaugh, Oppenheimer, Kruger-Divine, Sina


The IPC regular meeting began at 12:00 on December 6, 2001. The minutes were reviewed and approved.

Meeting Schedule following holidays

The Schedule for IPC for the period after the holidays was established as follows: January 3, January 17, January 24, and January 31 (January 10 is Board meeting in San Francisco). Members were asked to bring their schedules for second semester with them to the next meeting on December 13.

Budget Priority Review Process

Gilbertson began discussion of process to prioritize budget requests for FY 2003 budget. It was agreed that general discussion of priorities would begin at the December 13 meeting, along with the review of the course fee proposal.

Sina suggested she would likely withdraw the budget request submitted earlier for Public Safety.

Review of Academic Affairs Budget Proposal

Gilbertson reviewed the Academic Affairs budget planning document. He noted that the request for experiential learning request should be increased from $50,000 to $60,000 based on use. He noted that the recommendation has been made to consolidate the Computer Science Department from the College of the Pacific into the College of Engineering and appropriate renaming to the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

The remainder of the meeting was spent reviewing the requests reflected in the budget planning document.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.