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December 7 2000

Institutional Priorities Committee
December 7, 2000

Present: Benedetti, Brock, Cavanaugh, Fox, Gilbertson, Kirkland, Kruger, Lundergan, Meer, Oppenheimer, Peterson, Stark

  1. Meeting convened by the Provost at 1:00 p.m. and minutes of meeting of November 30, 2000 were approved.
  2. In discussion about standard of diversity, Provost noted that 78% of the University’s senior management are male and 93% of the group are Caucasian.
  3. Provost lead discussion of the President’s comments and reaction to the draft MVP statement prepared by the IPC:
    1. Regarding Vision Statement, use "rich" rather than "unique".
    2. Regarding Vision Statement, improve syntax with combination of sentences.
    3. Regarding Planning Assumption 4, add "and continue to develop opportunities to accelerate undergraduate preparation for professional or graduate programs".
    4. Regarding Planning Priority I.d change "with" to "into".
    5. Regarding Planning Priority IV c, renumber as new item III b, under Strengthen Competitive Positioning.
    6. Regarding label of Planning Priority IV, change to "Build Upon Financial Strength.
    7. Regarding IV, b., change to "increase philanthropic support for endowment, strategic capital projects and alumni giving."
    8. Regarding Planning Priority IV, add new item "Enhance alumni and annual giving".
    It was agreed the corrected version would be shared with members of the University’s community
  4. Provost reviewed elements of academic budget already reviewed. He distributed enrollment data prepared by the School of Business and discussed initiatives for graduate admissions and the range of requests for new faculty lines. It was agreed that while a limited number of faculty lines were presented by the Provost to IPC, the committee could examine items presented to the Provost for consideration in discussing and developing it’s recommendation to the President.
  5. With no further business to come before the group, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.