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February 14 2002

Institutional Priorities Committee

Minutes of meeting on February 14, 2002

Present: Gilbertson, Spreer, Stark, Hewitt, Olsen, Cavanaugh, Oppenheimer, Kruger-Divine, Sina, Benedetti, Brock, Lundergan

Also attending: Perro


The IPC regular meeting began at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday February 14 with a review of the minutes of the prior meeting which were approved.

Electric Rates for Residential Facilities

Cavanaugh described the basis for the reduction in residential electric surcharge from the $150 per year approved by the Board in January for the 2002-03 school year to $135. This adjustment has been approved by the Cabinet and communicated to Financial Aid and Admissions so it can be reflected in financial aid calculations and admission materials.

Review of 03/04 Budget Recommendations of IPC

The IPC reviewed the budget recommendations report distributed earlier to the University Community. Cavanaugh clarified the allocation of salary adjustment funds between the salary equity fund and the TIAA-CREF increase. The report should report that $100,000 is for the former use and $175,000 for the latter use.

The Provost also reviewed the list of “pending items” noting that other things may be added as special needs arise, but that this list should be referred to as additional resources become available.

Brock raised the issue of how a review of the adequacy of operating budgets across University units should be reviewed. After extensive discussion, it was agreed that this issue, while complex and not given to easy fixes, merits further study and possible action in the next budget cycle.

Oppenheimer raised the issue of the status of differential tuition rates, noting particularly that there had been discussion in IPC of providing for a differential tuition for pharmacy which consolidates the base tuition with many of the additional fees now charged pharmacy students. While there had been general agreement with the concept, the issue was not taken to the Board in January for approval with other tuition rates. It was agreed there are significant problems with charging differential tuition among various undergraduate programs, but there was the possibility of charging differential fees for certain majors and courses. It was noted this issue can be considered in the broader context of course fees already on the IPC agenda.

Review IPC Future Agenda items

The Provost asked for items that should be included in future meetings of IPC. A discussion of the program review of the Dining program was identified. In addition, the following programs’ program reviews will be included in future meetings of IPC: Counseling, Athletics, Engineering, and Sports Science. In addition, a review of the Academic Cost Allocation Model will be brought forward for review and discussion. Brock also suggested that IPC consider the parallels of talent scholarships and athletic scholarships for improving the competitiveness of the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities students made on behalf of the University.

The Provost said that next week the IPC would hear the Athletic Director describe recommendations and issues associated with the conference affiliation of the athletic department.

With no more business to bring before the group, the meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.