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February 14 2006

University of the Pacific
Minutes, February 14, 2006
Library Community Room

Call to Order: 2:08

Present: Brennan, Brodnick, Byl, Chi, Ensign, Frederick, Gilbertson, King, Kreitzman, Lackey, Miller, Pearson, Perro, Sexton, Sina, Spreer, Vierra

Not Present: Cavanaugh, Leland

Special Guests:

Minutes: Minutes of the February 7 meeting were reviewed, revised and approved.

Standing Reports:

Gilbertson declared an additional meeting for IPC next week, Tuesday, February 21.

Sina mentioned that a small fire on Tuesday, February 14, in one of the rooms of Grace Covell Hall was caused by a lamp. There will be appropriate follow up. Also, a student fainted in the Fitness Center and another experienced a seizure. Both are said to be ok.

Current Agenda Items:

Finalization of Pacific Rising Draft for Initial Distribution to Community

At the conclusion of a lengthy discussion, with positive feedback from the IPC members, Brodnick will continue with edits to the document with distribution to the community and posting to the web site by the end of the week.

Update on Community Meeting Schedule and Moderators

Gilbertson urged committee members to sign up to facilitate the discussions on the University Plan. At least 2 IPC members will attend each discussion. Brodnick distributed a one-page facilitators guide.

Next meeting: February 21, 2006, 2-4pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:05