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February 15 2001

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes for February 15, 2001

The Committee met in the Taylor Conference Room from noon until 2:00 p.m. John Meers convened, chaired, and adjourned the meeting.

The following members attended: Brock, KruegerDevine, Meers, Myers, Cavanaugh, Fox, Stark

The Minutes of the meeting held on February 8, 2001 were approved.

Scheduling of MVP meetings need to be finalized. John can handle the Law school. Review of the MVP will take place on the Stockton campus at the all university faculty meeting. Are there separate meetings being planned for staff and students?

Comments on MVP draft:

  • Under Planning Assumptions - should the optimal enrollment be listed as 6000-6500. Was this number derived through a systematic, rigorous analysis? Until that analysis takes place, perhaps no number should be specified.
  • Under Planning Priority IV a - perhaps add the statement regarding determining optimal enrollment.
  • Under Planning Priority IV b - need to update endowment amount.
  • Question - should the MVP coincide with the duration of the campaign - ending in 2007?
  • The MVP draft needs to be written by a single person.

It was suggested that John Stein be invited to the next IPC meeting to synchronize the final version of the MVP with the President's presentation - confirming structure, etc..

Questions were addressed by Cavanaugh from the last meeting.

  • It was noted that some of the budget items (e.g. Academic Support EXPENSE) had a lower base budget for FY02 than the Current Outlook for FY01. This involved one-time expenses that were incurred during FY01 that will now be in the base budget.
  • Under PHYSICAL PLANT FY02 adjustments there is $100K for New Facilities Open and $100K for Utility Costs. What is included in the New Facilities Open item? Was there an adjustment for old facilities not being used any more?

    This includes added utility and custodial service. Adjustments were made for old facilities, but the newer facilities have higher utility and custodial service.
  • Under SALARY ADJUSTMENTS, Annualize FY01 Increases - please provide further description of this item.

    This involves the July and August salary adjustments that had to be annualized.