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February 20 2007

University of the Pacific
Minutes, February 20, 2007
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 2:14 p.m.

Present: Byl, Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Cox, Dobbs, Dodson, Ensign, Frederick, Fries, Gilbertson, Itaya, King, Lackey, Perro, Spreer

Not Present: Ellison, Griego, Leland, Schmidt

Special Guests:

Minutes: Minutes of the February 6th meeting were reviewed and approved.

Standing Reports: Progress on the FY08 had an initial meeting reviewing specific recommendations.

Current Agenda Items:

Budget Recommendations

Recommendations for FY 2008 Budget memo was shared by Cavanaugh and Perro. He explained that this year's budget is being submitted a little sooner than normal, and is managable to meet those deadlines. The goal is to have the final budget materials containing the President's recommendations and be ready for the Board meeting on March 21st. After reviewing, Perro passed out another document that showed what was cut which did not make Appendix III of the memo. Cavanaugh asked the group to review and at our next IPC meeting (Feb. 27th) to come back with any comments that would be reflected before being sent out to the university community.

Members of the committee added that some changes in the budgetary process, from the university to the Board, may be helpful. It was suggested that the unfunded items, for example, could be presented to the Board so they know exactly what is being cut in FY08. There was the suggestion of increasing the tuition so we can take care of the university needs, i.e. wireless, renovations of certain buildings and IT equipment, etc.

Gilbertson wants to know from the group what items from the UNFUNDED Unrestricted Budget Requests list are most important and why.

Budget Recommendations for Information Services
Gilbertson distributed a document regarding ISPC and believes this document represents the sense of the committee. They are:

1. Recognizes the importance of unit-based staffing for information services and affirms the plan to increase FY08.
2. The committee endorsed expanded wireless services to the residence halls, academic/student areas of the Stockton Campus, but the budget cannot accommodate this initiative.
3. The committee endorsed proceeding with Banner "Advanced Reporting" project as initiated by the Cabinet in FY07, yet for FY08 budget cannot accommodate more than a very modest step forward next year, postponing this plan for at least another year.
4. Restructuring the University telephone system to internet (VoIP) phone service. Financing this plan was suggested to spread the budget over the next three to four years.
5. Risk assessment.
6. Vital information services and projects have been postponed. The FY09 OIT budget itself forecasts a deficit well over $.5 million.

Comparative Models for PR15 Goals & Community Forums
Gilbertson and Brodnick have reformatted the document with strategies in bold and, goals and requirements to be fill out. Brodnick will distribute electronically to this committee and independently work with each unit starting in Spring and continue through Fall for the October meeting. Brodnick needed a recommendation from the committee as to how to persue. The group liked the new format and support it for all units. The groups main concern is the budget requirements to meet certain goals. Fries suggests going to the management groups from each unit.

Gilbertson reminded the group that each unit will need to follow through all goals that relate to their division and as a whole IPC will need to enforce.

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 27, 2007, 2 - 4 p.m. in the Library Community Room.

Meeting adjourned at 3:56 p.m.