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February 21 2002

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
February 21, 2002
Taylor Conference Room, Library

IPC Members Present: Brock, Gilbertson (Chair), Hewitt, King, KruegerDevine, Lundergan, Meer, Olson, Sina, Spreer and Stark

Meeting convened by chair at 11:10 p.m.

  1. Minutes of the February 14, 2002 meeting were corrected to reflect the presence of member Lundergan.
  2. Provost's Report:
    1. The meeting of February 28 was canceled.
    2. Future agenda items should include discussions concerning the status of the Athletic Director as a permanent member of the committee and Faculty compensation and flexible workload issues.
  3. Responses to IPC Budget Recommendations
    1. Though happy with the proposed additional training, the staff raised questions concerning the coordination of all training programs.
    2. What is the projected bond projects timeline? It should be demonstrated how these projects are connected with the Master Plan. In addition, many University projects are tied to community projects and thus effected by external fund raising. In addition, the Regents are committed that no project be started without funding in place.
    3. Many within the University savvy with advances in the tech world see universal authentication as crucial to the stability of Pacific's tech infrastructure. Perhaps ITPC should have further discussion on this subject and bring forward a recommendation.
    4. As Phase I of the Marketing/Research Identity Plan nears readiness, we should be moving ahead with future phases. IPC should ask the Identity Committee to consult with McGuire concerning the next step and forward to IPC a report of the four-phase plan.
    5. Voice over IP needs further investigation to accommodate new building plans.
    6. SIS is very concerned with the lack of new faculty. Their growth and the partnership with the School of Business is pushing that need. Generational planning for faculty continuity should also be considered.
    7. The Academic Council remains concerned with low operating budgets. Though many units are able to address this with external funding, COP and the Conservatory find this issue especially pressing. The Vice Presidents should bring forward specific requests during the budgeting process. Perhaps IPC should move from project oriented budgeting to base line budgeting in this area. In the future, it may be necessary to schedule the budget time line one month earlier to facilitate discussion of these and other issues before IPC recommendations are published.
    8. ASUOP is happy with the recommendations for additional emergency phones and additional Financial Center staffing.
    9. The Council of Deans urges careful consideration of energy conservation and coordination of the staff-training plan.
  4. Athletic Conference Affiliation

Lynn King led a discussion concerning the pros and cons of moving from the Big West Conference to an affiliation with the West Coast Conference.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.