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February 22 2001

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes for February 22, 2001
Taylor Conference Room

IPC Members Present: Benedetti, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair), King, Kirkland, KruegerDevine, Lundergan, Meer, Myers, Oppenheimer, Stark

Minutes: Minutes were approved as corrected. Please note that Jonathon has found his identity (so has Jona!) and would like to clarify for the record, as well as the satisfaction of his parents, that he is neither John nor Meers. At this time John Myers will remain John and Myers

Reports: No reports at this time.

Continuing Issues:

  1. Budget – Cavanaugh presented an updated budget for the Stockton campus.

    A. The net tuition for the 2001 budget was adjusted to account for spring tuition figures. Additionally, the one time cost for the Environmental Safety audit was moved to the fiscal year ’01 account and $500,000 was moved from the unrestricted reserve to address the initial cost for the Cisco project.
      1. The 2002 budget was adjusted to include the IPC first tier recommendations and required cost increases including utilities and benefits. The Auxiliaries income and expense areas were also adjusted to reflect additional Athletic scholarships. Cavanaugh also explained that the cost of demolishing the Quonset huts was built into the Arts and Geo Sciences project and therefore would not reflect an additional "02 expense. Further the cost to move duplicating services and add equipment was adjusted through salary savings. All in all, $4 million dollars in base additions were added to the budget.
      2. The 2003 preliminary budget was also presented and only included basic increases such as utilities, benefits and 3% salary increases. It was noted that in order to address only these changes, the gross tuition would need to increase by 4.36%.
  2. MVP Statement: Continued discussion on the draft of the MVP occurred. Gilbertson will incorporate our suggestions for enhancement and present the next draft for the university community to review and discuss. We will have 6 forums with the UoP community to discuss the document before final changes are made and recommended to the President and Board of Regents. The following forums have been set up for discussion of the MVP:

Student Forum March 1 Noon McCaffrey Center

Faculty Forum March 1 3:30 Common Room

Staff Forum March 9 Noon Common Room

Open March 6 Noon Common Room

Dental School TBA (Judy will assist Bill)

Law School TBA (Phil O. will assist John)