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February 26 2003

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes, February 26, 2003
Taylor Conference Room, Library

Members Present: Cavanaugh, Gilbertson, Hewitt, Hoverstad, Jacobson, King, Lundergan, Meer, Olson, Oppenheimer, Spreer, Stark
Staff: Brodnick

Absent: Jones, Miller, Perro, Sina

The meeting was convened at 2:00 p.m. by Chair Gilbertson who announced the schedule and general topics for upcoming meetings.

Redefining IPC's Role
Gilbertson reviewed IPC's original charge from 1996. The committee brainstormed key issues relating to each of the three primary charges.

  • Oversee strategic planning and budgeting.
  • Monitor the implementation of planning.
  • Evaluate and improve the planning and budgeting processes.

The following issues/questions arose:

  • IPC should be involved in conversations regarding optimization of enrollment and revenue.
  • IPC should be involved in general conversations regarding staffing and tenure.
  • Should the focus of the group be more on planning versus budget?
  • At which level, IPC or VP, should minor budget items be resolved?
  • Inertia in planning processes.
  • IPC spends too much time on budget.
  • Law and Dental school participation could be enhanced.
  • What is the role of IPC in university policy making? Should it be enhanced?
  • Visioning, planning, and budgeting -- what drives what?
  • In the macro budget, what needs to be given up to achieve goals?
  • Process history influences how we do things.
  • The MVP is the university's primary planning document.
  • IPC should be better informed regarding enrollment management discussions.
  • Decision life cycle, what is IPC's point in the process?
  • Setting performance criteria for university goals should be part of IPC's role.
  • Now, there is a lack of communication regarding planning.

Next Steps

  • Standing reports should be given regularly on key indictors such as enrollment, budgeting, fundraising, student issues, facilities, etc.
  • A "What's on Your Mind" time should be planned for each meeting.
  • Policy issues on funding matters should be regular part of the group's dialogue.
  • A modified planning and budgeting process should be considered. The Cabinet and their offices will prepare a revised budget review process draft and bring this to the committee for consideration.

Upcoming Meetings

  • 3/5 IT Vision, Review planning items
  • 3/12 No meeting
  • 3/19 IT Vision continued, Strategic Indicators
  • 3/26 Academic Resource Planning and Cost Allocation Model; Enrollment Management Planning
  • 4/2 ARP by Academic Unit
  • 4/9 ARP by Academic Unit continued
  • 4/16 ARP by Academic Unit continued
  • 4/23 Positioning the University
  • 4/30 Positioning the University continued
  • 5/7 Strategic Reallocation Opportunities
The meeting was adjourned shortly before 4:00 p.m.