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February 7 2002

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes, February 7, 2002

Attending: Benedetti, Brock, Cavanaugh, Gilbertson, Hewitt, Krueger-Devine, Oppenheimer, Ol son, Perro, Sina, Spreer, Stark

The meeting began at 11:00 over lunch at the Pharmacy School. There were no minutes to be considered from the previous meeting (January 31,2002), as no one had kept them.

Gilbertson began with an announcement concerning how the Law School's administrative fee was being restructured to accommodate recent changes in Law School income, be more equitable and more consistent with overall university accounting practices. Discussion followed.

Olson brought to the committee a proposal for additional Blue Light emergency phone installations on campus. Discussion followed, resulting in a consensus that IPC recommend to the president that this project be implemented as quickly as possible.

Cavanaugh and Perro then reviewed proposed budget figures for 03 and later, based on prior work of IPC, further consultations within the central administration, and more promising forecasts for enrollment (based on actual increases in spring semester enrollment over expectations). Extensive discussion followed.

A major focus of that discussion was the ramifications of the removal of the Baun Fitness Center fee, but considerable attention was also paid to those items in the budget immediately above or below the line, i. e., those on the bubble for funding recommendation for the next budget year.

(All else is lost in darkness, as your scribe had to depart for class at this point, with ten minutes remaining.)