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January 13 2009

University of the Pacific - IPC
Minutes, January 13, 2009
Library Community Conference Room

Call to Order: 2:04 p.m.

Present: Brodnick, Burk, Cavanaugh, Dodson, Frederick, Gilbertson, Gong, Griego, King, Klunk, Krise, Lackey, Leland, Perrot, Rose, Swagerty, Schmidt

Not Present: Lindo

Special Guest:

Minutes: Minutes of December 9th meeting approved as distributed.

Announcements: President DeRosa will send out this week a letter to students, parents and alumni regarding the economic climate and tuition increase which is lower than other comparable schools. This letter shows the strength and financial responsibility Pacific conveys.

Unrestricted Funds Budget and Current Outlook: Perrot presented the Unrestricted Funds Budget for the three campuses which includes salary savings and higher tuition revenues.

FY10 Tuition Proposal and Preliminary Budget adjustments: Stockton's tuition, room and board increases will be presented to the Board next week requesting approval of a 4.4% increase. During the Board meeting, Cavanaugh will present the expenditure budget as a preliminary proposal with the notion of a full budget revenue increases and expenses for Sacramento and Dental and expenditure budget Stockton for final disposition at the April Board meeting.

Main Campus Unfunded Budget Requests: The report is broken down by each unit's priority order. A few revisions of the priority order were revised as follows:
-Office of the President: no change
-Advancement: Revise priority to New President Tour: Alumni Clubs
-Academic Affairs (including OIT): DIA Database Administrator and Budget
-Business and Finance: no change
-Student Life: no change
-Athletics: Modified priority order to:
  1. Support Budget Supplement
  2. Athletics Trainer
  3. Graduate Assistant Stipends-Swimming & Athletic Performance
  4. Salary Equity Plan Supplement
  5. Two Women's Scholarships per NCAA plan

Contingency Planning: Perrot did an overview on a budgeting contingency plan should our enrollments decline by 50 or more students than our current budget plan for FY10. There are a number of combinations that could affect the four key vulnerabilities but there are seven potential sources to utilize if necessary, including long term borrowing. Revisions will be made to this document.

Disaster Recovery: Frederick shared and stressed the importance of Pacific's Disaster Recovery plan. Our current plan is suitable for major disasters and would take up to 10 days after a disaster for the university to be in recovery mode. OIT is striving to establish a recovery plan for smaller disasters, which is not currently in place.

Adjourned: 3:57 p.m.

Next Meeting:  February 10, 2009