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January 15 2004

University of the Pacific
Minutes, January 15, 2004
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 3:10

Present: Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Chi, Ensign, Gilbertson, Hanyak, Hoverstad, Jacobson, Jones, Meer, Olson, Richmond, Sina, Spreer

Not Present: King, Miller, Perro

Minutes: Minutes of the January 8 meeting were reviewed and approved. Ensign expressed the need for more content.

Standing Reports:

Current Agenda Items:

Discussion of Budget Requests and FY05 Funding

Gilbertson opened with a review of the Budget Requests to determine which would be handled by IPC and which would be handled by the Cabinet.

The Committee suggested that the following requests be handled by IPC.

  • Campaign
  • Campus Safety
  • Diversity
  • Pacific Net/Security
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Committee suggested that the following requests be handled by The Cabinet.

  • Athletics
  • Advancement
  • Business/Finance
  • Academics
  • Student Life
  • OIT

Some key issues were discussed.

Cavanaugh brought up the issue of Bond funding. He noted that there would be positive savings for the University if it were to take this route.

Questions emerged with concern as to how the CalGrant changes my affect financial aid. Gilbertson pointed out that the three main aspects as far as students receiving financial aid are; GPA, family income and ethnicity/first-generation status.

Meer commented that we have to maintain our commitment to Cal Grant recipients.

Sina discussed the upgrading and renovating of residence halls.

Jacobson noted that South/West is the only residence hall that has not been renovated or upgraded in any way. Many fraternity and sorority houses are also in need of maintenance. 

Olson gave some insight as to the reaction of students living in South/West. Most were very disappointed.

The committee discussed the discussion timeframes and decision points necessary to complete the budget recommendations. A tentative schedule was developed.

Next meeting: February 5, 2004

Meeting adjourned at 4:48