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January 18 2001

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
January 18, 2001
Taylor conference Room, University Library

Called to Order by the committee at 12:20pm

Members Present: Peterson, Meer, Oppenheimer, Brock, KruegerDevine, Gilbertson, Chambers, Kirkland, Stark, Fox, King, Lundergen, Cavanaugh.

Minutes were approved.

Members had a brief discussion about the MVP Retreat that took place the day prior. Those who participated came away with strong impression that the MVP may need additional major revisions. However many expressed concerns that the Retreat and the facilitator could have been more effective. The general consensus of everyone was that the retreat lacked adequate team building and the second half of the day seemed repetitive and unnecessary.

IPC briefly discussed the preliminary tabulated rankings of all the request and reviewed the accuracy of the document.

Phil updated the committee on the revised OISR budget request in reference to the network and the wiring of the computer closets. Jonathan noted that the IPC may want to view the network in the context of present and future business partnerships.

[NOTE: Ricky Peterson had to leave the meeting, the remainder of the minutes were recorded by Jonathan Meer.]

Discussion of possibility of reallocation of Bond proceeds to cover some of the capital costs associated with upgrading of network. Vice President Cavanaugh said it is possible for up to $500,000 of costs.

Discussion then ensued * about concerns of less-then-full disclosure in early conversations about Sun Ray and Cisco relationships. (*Raised by Dean Oppenheimer)

Needs of the University for a new, "well-honed" network was explored. Decision (on funding) might be made by Regent’s Executive Committee and Finance Committee on March 15, 2001 [although an administrative decision might be needed within the next two weeks (to get in Cisco’s queue)]

Discussion turned to a one-time request from ASUOP for $46,000 item ($30K for equipment, $16K for installation) for Bike Racks. By consensus, the Bike Rack Project was approved @ $30K for FY 2001; VP Cavanaugh would pick-up $16K of installation costs. Design has been approved by both Regents Facilities Committee and University’s design/planning company.

A question (from Dean Oppenheimer) about an earlier ASUOP item (Recycling Program) was raised and it’s status was addressed by VP Cavanaugh

A question was raised about how much money potentially might be available for reallocation for FY 2002. VP Cavanaugh cited the figure $1 million as a current approximation, contingent on resolution of benefits and energy cost increases.

IPC then turned its attention to reviewing ongoing budget items.

Discussions about previous ongoing requests (Supervisory Training $40K item) and a new request (Additional faculty for Business School) were addressed. Also, the Committee agreed to move Student Life item #4 (Counseling Center Administrative Assistant) up to the first tier. The importance of the Environmental Safety Officer was also noted, as were salary increases for part-time Faculty.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:08 p.m.