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January 24 2006

University of the Pacific
Minutes, January 24, 2006
Library Community Room

Call to Order: 2:05

Present: Brennan, Brodnick, Byl, Cavanaugh, Ensign, Frederick, King, Kreitzman, Lackey, Leland, Pearson, Perro, Sexton, Sina, Spreer, Vierra

Not Present: Chi, Gilbertson, Miller

Special Guest:

Minutes: Minutes of the January 10 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Standing Reports:

Cavanaugh reported that the Board Meeting in San Francisco last week went well. The following are a few of the items approved by The Board:

  • The budget adjustment for FY06
  • Bond issue for the University Center and Biology Building
  • A $150 Engineering fee per year
  • Increase in tuition and fees - 4.8%
  • Increase in housing - 4.9%

He also mentioned that the Facilities Committee approved the design of the University Center and that a new audit committee will be formed.

Interviews for the new Dean for the Business School will begin in 3 weeks.

Regarding the 4-year Faculty Salary Plan, merit & equity become effective September 1.

Frederick mentioned that a national panel is scheduled to review IT and will meet with IPC.

Kreitzman invited all interested parties to take part in the ASUOP "safety walk" on Tuesday, February 7, at 7:00pm. Everyone will meet at Burns Tower. 

Lackey reported that McGeorge applications are up while nationally then are down. The credentials are much stronger in their applicant pool.

Current Agenda Items:

Student Transportation Needs

Perro distributed and reviewed a taskforce report on a "Centralized Fleet Management Program". Some issues are licensing, cost, and parking. Currently, the University owns 25 vans. The recommendation is that a University transportation pool not be pursued and that we continue are rental arrangements with current vendors.

Cabinet FY07 Budget Presentation

Sina presented the Student Life Budget Request which includes:

  1. A full-time administrative support position: Student Academic Support Services
  2. Two pre-doctoral interns: Counseling Services
  3. Career Resource Center: E-Recruiting

Brodnick distributed the Academic Division's request and reviewed the primary components. The committee was asked to consider any questions. The discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Update on UP Meetings

Brodnick briefed the Committee on the University Planning meetings. Very positive changes have taken place. The next draft will be ready by the end of January then phase I will begin in early February followed by phase II which should be completed by mid-April. The document will be posted on the IPC Web site. 

Next meeting: February 7, 2006, 2-4pm

Meeting adjourned at 3:02