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July 12 1999

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
July 12, 1999
Taylor Conference Room, University Library

IPC Members Present: Benedetti, Bialek Borlik, Evey, Fletcher, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair), Krueger-Devine, Oppenheimer

Absent: Brock, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Gluskin, Myers.

The meeting was convened by Chair Gilbertson

Minutes of June 28, 1999 meeting were not available for review and approval.

Future meetings: August 16, Taylor Conference Room, August 23, Dental School 2:30-4:30, Fall meeting schedule (Tuesdays 3-5) begins August 31.

Announcements: Provost Gilbertson announced that the following dean searches were being extended: Education, Conservatory, Engineering, as well as for the Brubeck Institute. Kelli Page is leaving the Alumni Office and there is a search for a new Alumni Director and for a Development Director. Lois Hazard, the new Events Director, will begin August 1.

Discussion of agenda for August 28 IPC Administrative Retreat:

Attendees will be: President DeRosa, Vice President, Executive Board of Academic Council, Leadership of ASUOP, Deans, Unit directors of administrative offices.

The format of the meeting was discussed, the following tentative schedule was agreed upon:

8:30 President’s comments (30 min)

9:00 Breakout Discussion I – discuss divisional goals (45 min)

9:45 Plenary Session, VP’s present what was heard in the discussion (30 min)

10:15 Break (15 min)

10:30 Breakout Discussion II – discuss IPC planning/budgeting priorities (45 min)

11:15 Plenary Session, IPC members report results of discussions (30 min)

11:45 Wrap-up

It was suggested that materials be mailed to participants ahead of time and that the most of the time spent at the retreat should be spent in discussion rather than in presenting information. The material to be sent out should include: 1)VP goals for 1999-2000 and progress on goals for 98-99 and prior years; 2) IPC planning/budgeting priorities document (up through top of page 3 of May 1999 Progress Report plus 6/21/99 Draft of Planning and Budgeting Assumptions). A list of questions should be appended to the IPC documents to foster discussion on the following issues: IT demands on budget (upgrade of infrastructure); task force proposals (e.g. experiential learning); enrollment; technology fee (it is thought that this discussion may not be productive); other technology initiatives. The main part of the discussion for all of the groups in Breakout II should be on Planning Guidelines 2a and 2b (Priorities for Resource Allocation). The creation of a Planning Guideline 7 should also be encouraged

Discussion of National Planning Panels Draft 3 (7/8/99)

There was discussion of the measurable results listed on page 2: are they too undergraduate-specific? should licensure exam passage rates be added? There was discussion of the overall rationale for the panels. It is stated "to honor alumni". Is there too much focus on alumni? Who are the constituencies? The panels will be discussed at a future meeting

[Editorial changes: page 2, change increased alumni participation rate to increased alumni giving annually; page 3 second arrowed item under University-wide issues number 1, move item 2 to number 7 in position and remove (in future) from item 6 – COP has a well-developed Citizen-leader concept and ESB is proud of their success in leadership development as well]

Prepared and submitted by Lydia K. Fox