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July 6 2004

University of the Pacific
Minutes, July 6, 2004
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 2:05

Present: Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Gilbertson, Fries, Hoverstad, Jacobson, Meer, Miller, Perro, Sina, Sexton

Not Present: Chi, Ensign, King, Richmond

Minutes: Minutes of the June 8 meeting were reviewed, corrected and approved.

Standing Reports:

Meer announced that the alumni participation rate of 14.3% is the highest it has been in 10 years.

The Committee agreed that next year's meeting time and day will be 3-5 every other Tuesday. A fall meeting schedule will be circulated before the next meeting.

The Planning and Budget Guidelines will be distributed to university budget managers.

Current Agenda Items:

Strategic Indicators

Brodnick presented an overview of the 22 MVP priorities notating indicators culled from university data, assessment surveys, and IRIS.

The committee suggested that a narrower focus on the President's eight top priorities may prove more useful and allow for the incorporation of data already being gathered by each of the vice presidents. Miller further suggested that the Strategic Indicator's focus on strengths and weaknesses may prove useful. Gilbertson felt that placement rate data should be included.

Next meeting: August 31, 2004, 3-5pm

Meeting adjourned at 3:58