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June 14 2001

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of June 14, 2001

Attending: Gilbertson, Hewitt, Johnson, Meer, Fox, Benedetti, Stark, Brock, King

Minutes: May 31 Minutes approved as corrected [Institutional Research will continue to be responsible for all surveys]

Reports: None

Welcomes: Gilbertson welcomed Jerry Hewitt, Philosophy, Political Science and John Johnson, ASUOP to the meeting.

Review of Budget Assumptions and Planning Guidelines:

  1. Budget assumptions
    1. Enrollment – No Change
    2. Tuition and Fees – Discussed the financial aid structure for pharmacy students and the reallocation of financial aid in pharmacy.

    3. No Change
    4. Gift Income – Meer presented a brief report on Board of Governor’s endorsement of a goal for the campaign.
    5. Unit Operating Budgets – no Change
    6. Endowment – No Change
    7. Operating Reserve – No Change
    8. Faculty and Staff Compensation – Deleted last sentence
    9. Facilities - No Change
    10. Energy Costs – Add sentence that Phil will write to reflect that we will require increased energy conservation and likely increased energy expenditures.
  2. Planning Guidelines
    1. Planning Priorities – Change last sentence to include "unit indicators" Phil will write.
    2. Priorities for resource allocation –
      1. No Change
      2. Remove "continue to" in the first sentence
      3. Add "continue to" in last sentence in place of "initiate a"

3.Revenue Generation – No Change

4.Diversity – Eliminate "and" prior to students.

5. Learning Assessment – Remove "a comprehensive" and insert "appropriate" + add an "s" on program.

6. Services to Students – Remove "continuously monitor and" insert "continue to in its place. Period after students and remove the rest.

Discussion of Academic Support & Other Unit Program Reviews [Draft #1 5-31-01

Adjourned 2:10 pm