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March 1 2005

University of the Pacific
Minutes, March 1, 2005
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 3:05

Present: Brodnick, Byl, Cavanaugh, Chi, Ensign, Fries, Gilbertson, Hoverstad, Jacobson, Lackey, Perro, Richmond, Sexton, Sina

Not Present: Dugoni, King, Miller

Minutes: Minutes of the February 22 meeting were corrected and approved.

Standing Reports:

Cavanaugh informed the Committee that the campus entrance from Pershing and Alpine will be closed for repair during spring break.

March 1 is the spring freeze date. Brodnick reported that enrollments are higher than expected and the Grad School is showing a significant increase.

Current Agenda Items:

Review Budget Recommendations

Budget requests and an initial draft of the Preliminary IPC Budget Recommendations were distributed by Perro. The following are items reviewed:

  • Support Budget Supplements at 2% of current support of operating budgets:
    • Academic Affairs - 47.1%
    • Business and Finance - 18.6%
    • Athletics - 15.0%
    • Student Life - 8.7%
    • Institutional Advancement - 8.2%
    • President's Office - 2.4%
  • Campus Building Security Upgrade
  • Safety Improvements
  • General Ed Mentor Staffing
  • Career Resource Center Position Reclassification
  • Desktop Firewall Protection Maintenance
  • General Ed Clerical Staff
  • Desktop Antivirus Protection Maintenance
  • Faculty Replacement for Associate Dean for General Ed
  • Orientation/Advising - Faculty Compensation
  • Library Materials Allocation
  • International Programs & Services - Study Abroad
  • Presidential Communications Plan
  • Cross Cultural Training
  • Phonathon Director
  • 2 Full Scholarships
  • Security Officer
  • Security Officer Support

Other items of concern were the Faculty Salary Plan for Pharmacy and Faculty Salary Plan for New Faculty Hires in Business. Diversity Initiatives, and Campus Navigation Signage were also mentioned. Supplemental adjustments for the Pharmacy and Business salary plans were approved for recommendation. Mentor positions were adjusted to $50k for FY07.

Comments on the Preliminary IPC Budget Recommendations document were requested by email before the next meeting.

Final recommendations will be reviewed at the 3/15 meeting.

Next meeting: March 8, 2005, 3-5pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:47