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March 21 2000

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Taylor Conference Room
March 21, 2000

IPC Members Present: Benedetti, Borlick, Brock, Fletcher, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair), KruegerDevine, Meyers, Oppenheimer

Absent: Cavanaugh, Chambers, Gluskin, Stein

The minutes of the March 7th meeting were approved with the following corrections. II2B4d, e, and f are corrected as follows: KruegerDevine will discuss section III, Oppenheimer will discuss Section IV, Benedetti will discuss section V. IIID should note "custodial" staff and should include the statement of IIIE.

It was announced that we will meet next Tuesday as regularly scheduled. Then, the WASC Team will be meeting with us Wednesday at 9:00am in the Spruce Room.


The Provost announced that Jonathan Meer will meet with us at our next meeting and share his vision and goals for the Development Division. It was requested that he bring specific models for planning and evaluating his area. The Provost then announced we would be postponing our budget discussion with Dental School until April 4th due to the Dental School accreditation process.

Future Agenda Item Preliminary Schedule:

April 4th- Dental School Budget; Draft schedule of future academic support unit program reviews; Annual review of unit progress on funded priorities.

April 11th -Maintenance Priorities; Staff Classification Process - We would like to invite Diane Rulnick to the meeting to update us on the next steps in the plan and the funding proposal for the staff classifications.

April 18th-Cost Allocation Model; Explore comparable schools and survey students regarding college of choice with invited guest,Tom Rajala.

April 25th- Review Master Plan and order of capital projects related to bond issuance.

End of July - Final accounting of FY2000 budget - Additionally, we will explore any additional needs for one-time funding should money become available, we will review unspent one-time allocations and review academic renovation needs.

Late August/Early September-Assessment of IPC initiatives regarding Leadership across the curriculum, ELO, Brubeck Institute, and Diversity. It is preferable to wait to look at these until we find out the status of pending grant proposals.

Continuing Issues:

IPC Membership was discussed in length. As noted, Jonathan Meer will join the committee on March 28th. At this time, we are still waiting for another staff appointment. Both David and Dan will be leaving at the end of May as their terms will be completed. Their replacements, as well as the Athletic Director, should begin in June. Discussion ensued regarding the President’s recommendation that the CIO become a permanent member of IPC. The Provost will report the discussion back to the President.

IPC members then continued the discussion on the need for reporting our progress on the current MVP before we begin drafting our future MVP. It was recommended that each member assigned to report to WASC on specific planning priorities would expand on their evaluation and then two sub groups would look at the current planning assumptions and the current vision statement. Benedetti, Cavanaugh, Fox and Oppenheimer would evaluate our work on planning assumptions. Fletcher, KruegerDevine, Chambers and Borlik would evaluate the vision statement. First drafts of these MVP reports are due back to the larger committee on April 25th.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15pm.