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March 25 2004

University of the Pacific
Minutes, March 25, 2004
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 3:06

Present: Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Ensign, Gilbertson, Hanyak, Hoverstad, Jacobson, Jones, Meer, Miller, Perro, Sina, Spreer

Not Present:  Chi, King, Olson, Richmond

Minutes: Minutes of the March 18, meeting were reviewed, revised and approved.

Standing Reports:

Gilbertson stated that at this time, the President is not inclined to make a change regarding the online application charge. A final decision will be made before October so that next year's Guide Books are accurate.

Brodnick attended the last Enrollment Breakfast and noted that 820 was the ceiling for new freshman in the fall and hopefully no less than 800. He also mentioned that because the UC's are taking in fewer students due to the Cal Grant situation, this could enhance enrollment here at Pacific. And, the NCAA appearance could also be a factor.

Current Agenda Items:

Final Approval of Recommendations

Gilbertson opened the floor for discussion.

Ensign suggested that we purchase a content management system that is search engine friendly.

Perro mentioned that there will be an exhibition on systems at the Pharmacy School the first week in April.

Gilbertson brought up two issues from the last COD meeting.

  1. IPC did not continue funding of library acquisitions this year.
  2. Diversity initiatives: given the discontinuation of the Irvine grant, there are some concerns regarding Admissions, Faculty and the overnight stay of at-risk students.

He also noted that the three most important initiatives among the Deans were, CRM, IT security and the stabilizing of staff.

Spreer said that she had received comments on the differences in the merit increase pools and on the fact that market assumptions on which the staff salary plan is based have not been reviewed as planned. She later commented that there are no second tier recommendations this year.

Brodnick mentioned that he has received positive feedback on the organization of the text.

Gilbertson discussed the issue of two-tier items. The discussion brought about the following list of possible items.

  • Major gift officer
  • OIT security officer
  • Diversity cross cultural training
  • Bond regarding infrastructure for the University Center
  • Fencing from the river to Larry Heller Drive
  • Study Abroad

Regarding fall 2004 enrollment, Gilbertson said the University could handle 850 new freshman. Sina commented that dining could be a problem. Spreer mentioned the Deny/Offer approach. If what the applicant is applying for is full and we are unable to admit, we can offer other programs. 

Due to the rain, the tour of WPC was cancelled.

Next meeting: April 15, 2004

Meeting adjourned at 4:25