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March 28 2000

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
March 28, 2000
Pine Room, McCaffrey Center


IPC Members Present: Benedetti, Borlik, Brock, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Fletcher, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair), KruegerDevine, Meer, Oppenheimer.

Absent: Gluskin, Myers.

The meeting was convened by Chair Gilbertson at 3:10 PM.

Minutes of March 21 meeting were reviewed and approved with the following correction: under Future Agenda Item Preliminary Schedule for April 4th : "academic unit" should be changed to "academic support unit".

The discussion material for the March 29 IPC meeting with the WASC team was reviewed. Fletcher provided a handout outlining the history of planning and budgeting of UOP since the last comprehensive site visit by WASC.

Vice-President Meer presented an overview of the goals for the Advancement Division. The division will be reorganized into 3 subdivisions: 1) development - will deal with cultivation and solicitation of gifts; 2) alumni relations – will deal with alumni involvement and giving; 3) operations – will deal with gift entry/processing/research. Rob Wooten will direct the operations area and the mailroom and duplicating/printing. Meer suggests that the mailroom and duplicating/printing might move to another division while marketing/university relations should return to the Advancement division. A new Alumni Director will be hired soon. A director of Development needs to be hired. A question was asked about where parent programs would be under the reorganization. Meer replied that they would fall under both development (gifts) and alumni relations (programs). Meer also discussed the recalculation of the alumni giving rate. It will only count solicitable alumni (not those that are "lost" or those that have requested they not be solicited). This will result in an increase in the alumni giving rate on paper and brings us into line with how other schools report their rates.

Vice-President Cavanaugh asked the group to consider an answer to the question: What are 3 things we didn't do but wish we had? The responses included: more focus on academic distinctiveness; more IPC focus on planning (we spend too much time on budgeting); planning ahead for lean years (when enrollments decline cyclically); better institutional research

Meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM