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March 5 2003

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes, March 5, 2003
Taylor Conference Room

Members Present: Cavanaugh, Gilbertson, Hewitt, Hoverstad, Jones, Jacobson, King, Lundergan, Meer, Miller, Olson, Sina, Spreer, Stark
Staff:Brodnick, Perro

Standing Reports
Budget:(Cavanaugh) Copies of the President's budget recommendations were distributed to the committee. These recommendations will be presented to the Finance Committee of the Board on March 12.

Enrollment:(Gilbertson) Acceptance letters will be mailed en masse the week of March 10 to the first tier acceptances (not including early admits) based on the diversity profile including geography, academic interest, ethnicity, and academic profile. Applications to date at McGeorge are up over last year's total number for the entire year, and they expect to receive as many as 3000 applications this year.

Student:(Sina) ASUOP elections are underway. Two candidates for the Director of Public Safety position are being brought back to campus for further interview.

Facilities: (Cavanaugh) On March 11, the City of Stockton will discuss a variance to the city ordinance on crosswalks to permit two on Brookside Road, one near the Physical Plant / Public Safety area and the other near the School of Pharmacy / Brookside Hall area at the end of the proposed new footbridge. The University is meeting with the Latter Day Saints Church to get clearance for the footbridge.

The library expansion plans go to the city planning commission soon, contractor solicitation is underway, we hope to open bids on the library expansion in early May.

The expansion of the Wendell Phillips Center is on a schedule about 2 or 3 weeks behind the library, bids to be opened later in May. Construction on the WPC expansion will begin this summer and will last about 12 months. Construction activity will affect parking, as the expansion will be built on the existing parking lot. The recreation area will be relocated to the site of the Cuckler building once it is razed, and the current Rainey Recreation area will become a construction staging area.

IT Vision: Larry Frederick distributed a handout describing the current status of Pacific's IT vision. He sees two main issues: first, ITPC wants to move ahead with its strategic planning initiative; and second, OISR knows what it wants to do (project list) but needs resources to complete the tasks. OISR is looking for funding sources. The list includes gaps in current systems, maintaining, growing and refreshing existing systems, and several new projects.

The question before IPC is how to prioritize the project list and reconcile the projects with the university's MVP list. The figure on page two of the handout helps describe the impact of the various projects on the list and how each project contributes to OISR's initiative goals and the ultimate goal of using IT to foster teaching, learning and scholarship. The committee briefly discussed the figure, especially whether any goals were missing or misnamed.

The handout also included a first draft of Larry's attempt to provide a weighting scheme for rating top IT priorities within the university's institutional priorities, and determining the contribution of various IT projects toward specific university goals. Several issues arose from the discussion of prioritizing projects. It is important to get input from various constituencies, like ITPC, in assessing the impact of the IT projects.

Some IPC members questioned various details, such as whether the items listed under student services should really be categorized as business processes. Others observed that some of the IT projects could be applied to several different university goals. For example, activities that enable some university goals may also enable distance learning, a much lower priority. In questioning where we stand relative to other universities in our peer group, Larry responded that it is more helpful to ask where we wish to invest.

The discussion can be characterized by two questions: What do we want to accomplish institutionally and how do we get there? Then, what IT projects need to be implemented to move us forward?

Larry will return to the IPC meeting on March 19, when we will give him feedback. ITPC may meet in the meantime, so we may have some information on their input.

The meeting ended at 3:50.