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March 6 2007

University of the Pacific
Minutes, March 6, 2007
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 2:04 p.m.

Present: Byl, Cavanaugh, Cox, Dodson, Ensign, Frederick, Fries, Griego, Itaya, King, Lackey, Perrot, Spreer

Not Present: Brodnick, Ellison, Gilbertson, Leland

Special Guests: Belcher

Minutes: Minutes of the February 27th meeting were reviewed, corrected, and approved.

Standing Reports:

Current Agenda Items:

Budget Recommendation Draft
Final comments are due by the end of the week, 03/09/07.  We have made a few minor changes and we are scheduled to finalize the recommendations as planned. The President agrees with the university community that wireless internet is important, plus it is a marketing advantage to draw new students to our campus.  Cavanaugh and Perrot will be looking into some solution as to how we could possibly finance this expense within the resources we have in our FY08 budget.

Public Safety Program Review
Griego provided an extensive report pertaining to safety for the Stockton campus.  In the report there were 12 recommendations in priority order.  (The first six items are of highest priority.)

1.   Additional sworn officers7.   One-card System
2.   Surveillance8.   Detoxication Facility
3.   Lighting9.   Policy Clarifications
4.   Computer in Public Safety Vehicles10.   Use of Public Safety in Transportation of Students for Medical Issues
5.   Expansion of S.T.R.I.P.E.S. 
     (Students Escort & Area Security Program)
11.   Grievance Process
6.   Bike Patrol12.   Public Relations Function of the Public Safety Dept.

Belcher commented that crime on the campus is down and they believe it is due to the construction and roads being temporarily closed off.  The City of Stockton is currently 45 police officers understaffed which does not help the poor reputation that Stockton has and is commented by parents who come to our campus and ask if this school is safe?  Belcher and others have made great strides to develop relationships with vendors to help reduce the transients in the area and crime.

Ensign had strong concerns about the surrounding area of the school and the city as a whole.  She believes that the university should be a strong partner with the City.  Build partnerships and try and solve some of these issues.  The youth in the community lack knowledge and skills.  Ensign commented that we are beginning to define a youth sponsorship in our center.  She also suggested to possibly create a new committee or task force, and share this concern with the Cabinet.  Cavanaugh noted and will communicate to the Cabinet.

King commended Belcher for his report, professionalism within the university, and in the community. 

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 20, 2007, 2 - 4 p.m. in the Taylor Room.

Meeting adjourned at 3:19 p.m.