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March 7 2002

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
March 7, 2002
Taylor Conference Room, Library

IPC Members Present: Benedetti, Brock, Gilbertson, Hewitt, KruegerDevine, Lunde rgan, Meer, Oppenheimer, Spreer, Stark

Guests: Perro, Rajala

The meeting was convened by the Chair at 11:10 a.m.

Minutes of the February 21 meeting were approved with one minor correction. Clarification--the President will not seek a recommendation from IPC on the issue of athletic conference affiliation.

Information Items

Memo. Sharon Hudson, Director of Marketing Communications, requests ongoing funding for benchmarking and assessment surveys and one-time funding for completion of the branding project. Hudson also urges at least partial funding of the universal authentication and authorization system (OISR). The Cabinet will discuss the one-time funding request.

Pacific Leaders Scholarship. This proposal was developed in response to the Board's decision to emphasize improved student quality over enrollment growth. Scholarship awards of $15,000 would be accompanied by special co-curricular opportunities, such as seminars and group outings to cultural events.

The goals of the program are to enroll fifteen scholars in each of the five pilot years, to increase the size and improve the academic profile of the freshman applicant pool, and to enhance Pacific~Rs visibility at targeted high schools. Ideally, the new scholarship program would be linked to two other initiatives: offering a specialized Open House for high-achieving students who might be nominees, and hosting campus visits for groups of counselors from selected high schools.

Costs include $5,000 per award (the difference between the value of the Pacific Leaders Scholarship and the Regents' Scholarship) as well as marketing costs. A portion of these costs can be accommodated within the 02-03 budget, due in part to a modest upward adjustment made recently on the basis of spring retention; also, it is anticipated that some funds can be reallocated from need-based programs. The Regents will be asked to approve some additional funding.

Registrar's Office: Compensation Upgrades, Temporary Position, and Move to Office of Enrollment. The Associate Registrar will retire in two years. A new Assistant Registrar will be hired in FY04 in order to overlap with the last year of the current Associate's tenure and presumably to move into the Associate position when she retires.

Both the compensation upgrades and creation of the one-year Assistant Registrar position are seen as essential to maintaining quality and continuity of services. Some may view the Registrar~Rs salary upgrade as a precedent for setting salaries for vacant positions per market demand. It would be helpful to have a member of the Office of Planning and Research serve as staff to IPC; Phil Gilbertson will follow up on this suggestion.

Discussion: Role and Function of IPC

Could IPC be more involved, in an advisory capacity, in the evaluation of budget items that come forth after our initial recommendations have been submitted? It would be good to revisit the ranking issue. Were the new budget items above evaluated in comparison with second-tier items? (Yes.) Should IPC focus less on budget details and more on planning- for example, program review and evaluation of new programs?

Budget Update

Marcus Perro reviewed current FY02 and FY03 budget projections, including modifications to the budget adjustments recommended by IPC. He noted that the President had accepted all the Committee~Rs budget recommendations.

Suggested future agenda item--spring 2002 enrollment data.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after 1:00 p.m.