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March 7 2006

University of the Pacific
Minutes, March 7, 2006
Library Community Room

Call to Order: 2:06

Present: Brennan, Brodnick, Byl, Chi, Frederick, Gilbertson, Kreitzman, Lackey, Pearson, Perro, Sexton, Spreer, Vierra

Not Present: Cavanaugh, Ensign, King, Leland, Miller, Sina

Special Guests:

Minutes: Minutes of the February 28 meeting were reviewed, corrected, and approved.

Standing Reports:

Current Agenda Items:

Update on Community Meetings (PR15, Pacific Rising 2008-2015)

Brodnick mentioned that the UP meetings are past the half way point. Meetings are going well. Attendance has been very good. Byl thought that Advancement came out with really good suggestions. Lackey reported that there have been concerns raised at the meetings other than the document. Brodnick will continue to gather the meeting summaries and prepare a document for IPC. Brodnick informed the Committee that an open community meeting will be scheduled.

Advancement Budget Recommendations

Byl presented the following top priority 2006 budget requests for Advancement:

  • Data entry person to share with Dental and Law
  • Gift officer
  • Pacific Alumni Weekend funding
  • Pacific Club funding
  • Annual Giving operating monies
  • Honor Roll mailing to all constituents
  • Assistant Director of club programming
  • Annual Giving - upgrade existing position to Coordinator
  • Portfolio Campaign newsletter - to all
  • School and College event funding at $0
  • Marts and Lundy
  • Regional events

FY07/08 Budget Update

Perro distributed the FY07 budget updates for the Stockton campus. Included were FY06 revisions, proposed FY07 adjustments, % increase over FY06, and a deferred maintenance listing. Percentage increases were as follows:

  • Business & Finance - 5.8
  • University Advancement - 12.5
  • Student Life - 2.4
  • Academics - 1.6
  • OIT - 28.0
  • Marketing & University Relations - 12.5
  • Athletics - 1.3
  • Total - 4.9

A second handout from Perro showed totals of the approved budget adjustments for the Stockton campus back to FY99 along with base adds and one-times. Regarding the base add for academic facilities, classrooms and deferred maintenance, Gilbertson informed the group that units that oversee classrooms are responsible for the maintenance. IPC is responsible for the macro level planning. Vierra felt that the amount for maintenance was not adequate. Consensus of the Committee was that a portion of the recommended facilities maintenance fund be allocated for academic facilities improvements. The general recommendation was $100,000. Kreitzman had concerns regarding residence halls and the need for upgrade. Brennan stressed the need for an updated campus map and guide, and the need to advertise.

Next meeting: March 21, 2006, 2-4pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:00