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March 8 2005

University of the Pacific
Minutes, March 8, 2005
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 3:06

Present: Brodnick, Byl, Cavanaugh, Ensign, Fries, Hoverstad, Lackey, Richmond, Sexton, Sina

Not Present: Chi, Dugoni, Gilbertson, Jacobson, King, Miller, Perro

Special Guests: Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker, Dean McGeorge Law School, and Bob Murta, Director of Financial Administration

Minutes: Minutes of the March 1 meeting were corrected and approved.

Standing Reports:

Cavanaugh presented a review of the FY06 Budget Recommendations. Any comments, recommendations or feedback were requested by noon on Monday, March 14. An email will be sent out to the campus community and Brodnick will post the document to the IPC website.

Current Agenda Items:

Law Budget Presentation

The budget for FY06 has moderated from FY05 according to Rindskopf Parker. The following are some of the budget issues:

  • Slight decrease in tuition revenue
  • Tuition increase for FY06 will be 6.5%
  • Increased retirements
  • Enrollment of more minority students will be focused upon
  • Improvements to the library are ongoing

Next meeting: March 15, 2005, 3-5pm (Tower Conference Room)

Meeting adjourned at 4:16