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May 10 2001

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of May 10, 2001

Attending: Chambers, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair), Kramer, KruegerDevine, Lundergan Meer, Myers, Oppenheimer, Stark

Guest: Jean Purnell

Minutes: May 3rd Minutes were not available for approval.

Announcements: Next Meeting is May 24. Summer meeting schedule will be set at that time.

Reports: None at this time.

Continuing Issues:

1) Sun Ray project update – Jean Purnell presented IPC with a list of updates and supporting attachments regarding our current status and our future plans with the Sun Ray program. Of note: 225 Sun Ray machines have been deployed, although they are not all actively used. Our servers are on a warranty, which indicates our long-term investment with Sun Ray. During the Fall 2001, Sun Rays will be offered to any student in a wired residence hall on a first-come, first serve basis. Tentative plans have been made for future installation in the Residence Halls and some academic units. About 600 Sun Ray devices have been recalled and will be replaced in early summer. A proposal for a Sun Ray Project Partnership is being developed which would allow the University to establish clear priorities for planning and future investments. Additionally, a two-year plan for Sun Ray deployment is being developed to optimize a system for use in the next academic year and will prepare us for more diverse applications in the near future. It is unclear, however, how this plan could be possible when the University stated its intent to evaluate and decide continued investments into hardware, maintenance and staffing by May 2002. Further discussion on this is needed.

2) Follow up on MVP revisions: Gilbertson presented the revised MVP at the Council of Deans. It was suggested that the vision statement should be one sentence. President Depose felt that one sentence would diminish the importance of the statement. It was further suggested by the Council of Deans that the MVP separate assessment of student learning and assessment of student satisfaction. IPC agreed with this suggestion. The Board of Regents will act on a final mission, vision and priority statements in their June meeting.

New Issues:

1) Planning and Budget assumptions for FY03/04: IPC summer agenda items will be based specific revisions to the Budget Assumptions and Planning Guidelines. Enrollment specifics will wait until the fall in order to allow enrollment services to address variety of enrollment issues. Tuition and Fees needs further discussion on the concept of differential tuition rates and differential course fees and lab fees. Lynn Fox and Tom Rajala will be invited to explain how this might be accomplished. Gift Income needs further discussion on specific increases to gift revenues. Meer suggested that an average be set for a seven-year period rather than the annual increase of 15%. The Board of Regents will also be looking at this area in their June meeting. Unit Operating Budgets needs to include non-academic as well as academic units and technology will need to be addressed in some way. Operating Reserve assumption of a 1% reserve is currently being met on each campus. Faculty and Staff Compensation needs further discussion in regards to addressing significant benefit costs, longevity recognition for service by faculty and need for additional salary adjustments for part-time faculty. Need to add another item to Budget Assumptions to include Energy Costs/Unpredictability.

Under Planning Priorities specific review and revision is needed for strategic indicators. Specifically, how are we tracking these? Priorities for Resource Allocation need to be re-worded so that the identification and promotion of projects leading to hallmarks of academic distinctiveness is clearly a strong priority. Review and re-wording is also needed for section B as it relates to investment priorities. What should remain a "high" priority? Due to time, we were unable to review the remaining areas. Summer agenda items will then be set based on our need to revise these areas.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm. Best Wishes for finishing the semester!