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May 14 2003

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes, May 14, 2003
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 2:08pm

Members Present: Cavanaugh, Gilbertson, Hoverstad, Jacobsen, Jones, Lundergand, Meer, Miller, Olson, Oppenheimer, Sina, Spreer, Stark

Guests Present: Brodnick, Derosa, Perro

Action on Minutes of May 7, 2003: Approved


Members were requested to report their availability to Debra Miller to determine IPC meeting schedule during the summer and fall.

Gilbertson expressed high degree of confidence that the new freshmen enrollment target (750) and the new transfers enrollment target (250) for Fall 2003 would be surpassed. The Office of Planning and Research has developed a better model to predict fall enrollment based on admitted students. Gilbertson also shared that most of the goals for the entering student class will be achieved: higher mean SAT scores; more non-California residents; improved gender balance; and greater ethnic diversity. This year marks the first time that Pacific has required undergraduate attendance confirmations by May 1, helping to shape the entering class. Jones reported that applications at McGeorge School of Law have exceeded 3,000, for the first time in history. The current economic conditions have contributed to the increase in applications. The expectation is to admit 350 (230 Day and 120 Night) students, resulting in profile improvements. Pacific's Pharmacy and Dental schools are among the largest in the nation while its Law school is about average in terms of class size. The ability to admit a larger class is limited by facilities.

Cavanaugh suggested that the President's recommendations to the Board of Regents concerning investment in one-time items be shared electronically. The Board will consider the items at its meeting in June. Funds will be allocated in accordance with Board action.

Meer reported the invitations to Reunion Weekend 2003 have been mailed to all University employees. Events and performances were highlighted.

Student Issues
Sina announced new staff hires and plans for summer orientation.

Cavanaugh recommended opening events for the following new buildings: Pharmacy/Health Sciences/Dental Clinic; McCaffrey Center Theater; OISR/HR Expansion; Baun Fitness Center; and Brookside Hall. Cavanaugh also recommended groundbreaking events for the Library Expansion/Renovations and the Pacific Humanities Center (Wendell Phillips Addition).
Academic Unit Key Issues:
Gilbertson distributed handout summarizing the key issues by school based on discussions and review of the Academic Resource Planning Model (ARP). Although obtaining data from the Law School and Dental School for the ARP is a challenge, key issues for these schools were proposed. In addition, both schools recognize the need to recruit and retain new faculty and improve administrative support system synergies with the main campus.

President DeRosa expressed his commitment to support and reinforce academic programs and thanked the IPC for its work on the University's Mission, Vision, and Priorities (MVP) and resource allocation recommendations. Now that the MVP is done, President DeRosa encouraged the IPC to focus its efforts on aligning resources with the MVP.

Other Discussion:
The impacts of a freshmen class size around 800 students were discussed. The Deans are planning course offerings to accommodate 800 students; the Housing Office will utilize overflow areas (i.e. lounges) as needed; and auto parking areas will be sufficient. The IPC plans to consider additional FY 04 funding requests in the summer to invest the incremental funds resulting from the larger than budgeted Fall 2003 enrollment.

The role of IPC was discussed. It was suggested that IPC make resource allocation recommendations at a macro level, empowering the Vice Presidents to use funds as they deem most important to furthering the MVP. This could be achieved by evaluating budget requests by program initiative rather than by line item. Consensus was not reached.

Stark's term on IPC expires this year.

Adjournment: 4:06pm