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May 21 2003

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes, May 21, 2003
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 2:00pm

Members Present: Gilbertson, Hoverstad, Jacobson, Jones, Lundergan, Meer, Olson, Sina, Spreer

Guests Present: Perro

Action on Minutes of May 14, 2003: Approved as distributed



Meer gave an update on fundraising activities since June 30, 2002. We are nearly $4 million ahead of the goal set, and have a chance to have the best year yet in fundraising.

Student Life

A manual for disaster response has been prepared, and there may be a simulation exercise to evaluate disaster relief efforts in August.


The summer schedule has been set, meetings remain at 2:00 pm on Wednesdays through July 2. If there are no pressing needs, there will be no more meetings between July 2 and mid-August, when we resume a regular meeting schedule for the fall.

There are two new faculty members. Paul Richmond was elected to a three-year term, and Bob Hanyak will serve the last year of Jerry Hewitt's term. The Provost will confirm that all other members continue.

Beginning May 28, deans will present environmental scanning reports for their units.

Review of Budget Assumptions and Planning Guidelines:

Suggestions for Budget Assumptions:

Item One - Enrollment. Are the Law and Dental School enrollment targets accurate? Bill and Fay will investigate and report back. The current figure for the Dental School enrollments are at 501 students, including the new programs in Dental Hygiene and Orthodontics, and increases in clinic staffing. The old target of 450 is appropriate for the DDS and IDS programs.

Item Two - Tuition and fees. It was suggested that some mention be made of the fact that our increases in tuition and fees were below the average increases of our peer institutions.

Item Three - Gift income. Are the targets for increases in donor participation accurate? Bill and Fay will confirm the targets with the Dental and Law Schools. The target for the Stockton campus needs to be revised forward from the FY 2004 projection in the current memo.

Item Four - Operating budgets. On the academic side, there still seems to be a need for increases in operating budgets in the College and the Conservatory. Keep item four intact.

Item Five - Endowment. Is it realistic to reduce the endowment spending rate? Timing seems to be the key issue, progress toward the goal of a 4.5% spending rate may be made in FY 2005. The plan is to keep the dollar amount generated from the endowment constant while reducing the spending rate.

Item 6 - Keep the reserve.

Item 7 - Compensation. Describe the faculty and staff salary plan the board has adopted. Marcus will draft a short statement for this. The statements on health benefits and pension benefits are still relevant and should remain as they are.

Item 8 - Facilities. This remains an important issue, and is a major item for the Law School.

Item 9 - Marcus will investigate projected energy rate increases.

Suggestions for Planning Guidelines:

Item 1 - Planning priorities. We may possibly generate an IPC report to the board and to the campus community. Strategic indicators will continue to be used as benchmarks.

Item 2 - Priorities for resource allocation.

Item a. Continue to mention compensation until the plan is complete. The mention of distinctive programs could be revised to imply that fundraising will support programs that eventually become self-funding. Information technology continues to be an ongoing priority, we are making better headway in enterprise applications, safety and security issues. Add campus safety as an issue. Also add that IPC would like to find ways to invest in and enhance the abilities of some units to generate surplus cash above their current levels, even if these units are not currently areas with the greatest financial need.

Items b and c are left as they currently read.
Item d and points three through six will be discussed on May 28.