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May 24 1999

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
May 24, 1999
McCaffrey Center Spruce Room

Attendance: Benedetti, Bialek, Borlik, Brock, Cavanaugh, Chambers, Fletcher, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair), Gluskin, Marks, and Oppenheimer.

Absent: Evey and Myers.

I.Convening of Meeting and Approval of Minutes: The I.P.C. meeting convened by Provost Gilbertson. The minutes of May 10, 1999 were approved as distributed.


1.Introduction of new members: Dan Borlik, ASUOP President; David Brock, Conservatory; and Alan Gluskin, Dentistry

2. John Myers was unable to attend due to accident on freeway.

3.Reminder of dinner on June 3 with Board of Regents at President’s home.

    III Reports

    1.Pat Cavanaugh

  1. Distributed resolution on inter-campus loan from 1992 between Law School and Main campus. Loan was for $3.5 million to unrestricted fund and $785,000 for S.C.T. upgrade. Loan now due on June 30, 1999. Resolution details recommendations to Board of Regents for June 1999 meeting to conclude loan agreement. (See Cavanaugh memo of May 24 to Regents Finance Committee.)
  2. Distributed memo proposing allocation of indirect cost recoveries. Proposal recommends that reallocation be used to support two positions: a grants coordinator and a grant accountant with operational support. Cost estimated to be $150,000. Ultimately, the dollars to be freed up by the Law School loan proposal can be targeted to off set the overall costs of this new Office of Research Administration. Discussion ensued regarding reallocation and the exemption there from of Law and Dentistry which is proposed, to be included in their current administrative support fee. Chair Gilberston and Cavanaugh will consult with Denis Meerdink, Graduate School Dean, regarding the questions and concerns raised.
2.Phil Gilbertson
  1. Distributed report to Academic Council from Ad hoc Committee on Experiential Learning.
  2. June 14 and June 21 have been set aside as dates to meet with Law School and Dentistry, respectively, to review budgets of each school and cost allocations for all three campuses.
  3. Requested Monday meetings conflicts for summer biweekly meetings. Advise Provost’s office as soon as possible.

III. Continuing Discussion

  1. Draft for I.P.C. Unit Planning and Budget FY2001 and FY2002 distributed. Chair Gilbertson identified question on gift income (Planning and Budget Assumptions #8, page 1.) regarding information that should be presented. Gift income has increased but not attributable to initiatives, i.e., unit fund raisers. Rewording for better clarification may be appropriate. Benedetti suggested rewording #4 under Progress Assessed on Funded Initiatives to give clarification on unit fund raisers status and measured results. Also, reference to new initiatives on page 3 regarding Bookstore and Feather River Inn needs to be clarified that is the result of better management rather than new initiative. Also, on page 2, it was recommended to insert "University" before Task Forces in reference to IPC priorities addressed by Task Forces.
  2. Chair Gilbertson raised questions about including, before August 28 meeting, new items or considerations to be presented there rather than just having audience respond to last year’s items. Discussion ensued on whether or not as well as how best to do this given the summer time line. Also, it was identified that dates (years) need to be changed on Unit Record of Evidence sheet. It was, also, suggested that #6, page 1 reference the initiatives, such as faculty salary plan.

    Chair Gilbertson suggested remainder of meeting time be dedicated to a review of the Budget Assumptions and Planning Guidelines. Chair Gilbertson raised the questions that the faculty salary initiative should, perhaps, be expanded for future planning to include, also, the Dental School salary plan, retirement pay-ins, and a staff salary plan as it relates to the job reclassification study or, at minimum, to identify work under Planning Guidelines to begin to address these issues. There may also be new task force issues. Also, #2 should be expanded to address tuition and fees — particularly those related to technology advancements, i.e., notebook computers. Oppenheimer raised possibility of adding at this time an operational budget increase objective. Benedetti raisd question of reviewing operational budgets to ensure balance and equity. The questions remain of beginning to address both operational budget increases and deferred maintenance problems in revised budget assumptions or the planning guidelines.

    Chair Gilbertson, also, reminded members that as early as June 14 there could be a marathon meeting. IPC will still meet on June 7 to refine planning assumptions, etc.

    IV. Finally, new binders were distributed to awed members!

    The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 7, 1999 in the McCaffrey Spruce Room.

    The meeting was adjourned at 2:59 p.m.

Minutes respectively submitted by J. Marks.