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May 24 2001

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
May 24, 2001
Taylor Conference Room

Attending: Benedetti, Brock, Chambers (Chair), Fox, King, KruegerDevine, Meer, and Stark.

Judy Chambers, the master of Commencement speeches, stepped in to provide leadership and convened the meeting at 12:10 p.m.

With minor corrections noted, minutes of May 10, 2001 were approved faster than ever before.

Due to departure of Lydia Fox and her wonderful handling of the web site, a replacement needed to be chosen. After a long silence it was decided that Louise Stark would happily volunteer to take over her job.

Summer schedule - IPC meetings will continue on Thursdays, Noon-2pm through June. There will be no meeting on June 7th due to the Regents' meeting. New members will officially begin in July.

Preliminary discussion of the Planning Guidelines for FY 2003/04 began by reviewing Planning Guidelines for FY 2002/03.

  • this is an important point to include in the summer discussion.
  • question raised - where should resources go when earned by a unit?
  • reallocating existing expenses budgets needs to be described
  • quality control of all new programs, etc. is important
  • last statement should be updated to state the Board of Regents approved...


  • IPC will request Assistant Provost Mayne to provide information regarding the diversity plan of the University along with a report of funds available
  • remove the reference (gender and ethnicity> to allow a more broad interpretation of diversity
  • add programs to the list


  • IPC will request Assistant Provost Purnell to provide an update on the learning assessment program
  • question raised - what is meant by comprehensive? Should there be a set of learning objectives at the University level, or is it enough to have each unit define their own learning objectives?
  • it was noted that it takes funds for programs to to assessment


  • suggested to change title to SERVICES TO STUDENTS
  • there is a need for student satisfaction surveys - whose is in charge of ensuring the surveys are administered?
  • Meer volunteered the Alumni Office to coordinate with current post-graduation survey efforts to send an exit survey approximately two months after graduation. This will help to get updated addresses along with student employment and student satisfaction survey information.

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing and reflecting on current events.

Meeting adjourned around 2pm-ish, give or take about 15 minutes.

Minutes respectfully submitted (for the last time) by Louise Stark.